Ben's Cookies

Whoever Ben is, he must be rich and fat because that’s what his cookies are like. Priced around 1.20 pounds per cookie, they’re extremely dense but well worth the price. I mean, obviously it wouldn’t be a great idea to get one everyday, but it’s a definite must if you go to London.

The nearest Ben’s Cookies for me was in Covent Garden. There’s one at South Kensington Station and more elsewhere. Supposedly, the dough is pre-made only 2 days or so in advance, and their cookies are freshly baked each day. They have this small oven that just cranks out the cookies. That would explain the wonderful waft that you get whenever you pass by the stand.

Ben's Cookies
milk chocolate orange cookie

Their cookies look small. They probably measure 2.5 inches, but they’re extremely deceptive because they rise about an inch up. So when you’re chewing, you’re thinking to yourself, “man, how am I still eating this thing?!”

milk chocolate orange cookie yum!

I got the orange chocolate chip- wonderful essences of orange infused with the chocolate. What a great combination. I ALSO got the ice cream which was awesome because they give you a cheaper deal (3.60 pounds I think?) If you get their ice cream, you should get their cookies and cream because they have their own cookies in them! Ben’s offers special packages, so the more you buy, the more you save. They are significantly better than Millie’s Cookies too!

ice cream cookies