max brenner

You can catch a glimpse of Max around the world. There are several locations in Australia, East Asia, Israel, etc… But the only two locations in the United States are located less than a mile apart in downtown Manhattan. And you’d think with those two locations, there would be plenty of space. But nope, Max Brenner is one of the most popular hangout and chocolatier spots in New York City.

max brenner in us
max brenner in sydney

(Max Brenner in the US vs. in Australia)

In America, bigger is better. I went to a Max Brenner in Sydney and while prices were about the same, if not a bit cheaper, they didn’t offer as many varieties of foods, drinks, chocolates, and well, you get the point. But, their portion sizes are completely different! They don’t give you the extra vial of chocolate nor do the waffles come bursting with fruit toppings. However, you do get the option to just choose one waffle for a cheaper price. How the heck can they be more obese than us?!

max brenner waffle
max brenner waffle

max brenner
max brenner waffle

But getting back to Max Brenner’s in Union Square- it’s amazingly awesome. Once I came here and it was so busy that they forgot to serve us, but when I emailed the manager, they sent me a complimentary $15 giftcard. Patrick wanted to go here regardless of the service. The servers are nice, but they’re just way too busy. The food, however, makes up for the wait.

max brenner tea

I don’t really recommend getting savory food here. I’ve had a salad once and it was average (and overpriced) but their waffles are definitely worth it. They give you two squarish American waffles with whichever topping you order. Then, they add a scoop of chocolate covered ice cream and a vial of melted milk chocolate for your pouring pleasure.

Their fondue is also a bit overpriced, but it’s one of those fun things to eat. Patrick likes their Chocolate Mess, but I think that I could just as easily make it at home. If you get their tea, it comes in this nifty gadget-like contraption where the tea actually flows out from the bottom when you press the button. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Max Brenner will probably have something to suit your fancy.

max brenner union square

841 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
Near 13th St.
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