Good weather seems hard to come by nowadays in New York City. Most of the days just seem dark and dreary. The other night, as I was walking back to my dorm around midnight, I looked up and thought to myself, “Yep, we’re doomed.” There was this huge haze that covered the sky. I hope it was just fog.

But Friday was an exception. It was in the beautiful 60’s and Kirstie came to visit. I thought that it was only appropriate to take her to Madison Square Park and wait in the epic line for some good grub.

Almost an hour later, we finally get our burgers and fries. Jenny joined along and got her usual- a shake and fries. At first Kirstie and I contemplated in getting shake, but at the end we decided that it was necessary to get fries… separately.

The burger was of course, lip smacking delicious but the sauce was all near the bottom. What a shame! The first quarter of my burger was deprived of shack sauce, but that only meant that the remaining three quarters tasted even better. And their fries are crinkly, crunchy, and just so perfect. I wish they wouldn’t give out packets for ketchup though. I got through about 10 each time I’m there and it just seems so wasteful for all that plastic.

Oh look how happy Kirstie is with her burger. I was a bit worried that Shake Shack would be inferior to the Aussie burgers, but I really had nothing to worry about… Next time I go, I’m getting either their Shroom burger or a shake. Jenny’s shake was so delicious, it was like almost melted ice cream. That’s how thick it was!

But, the most important part of the meal wasn’t the food. During the whole time when we were eating, we noticed some people off to the side shooting something. We didn’t really pay attention but as we were walking out, it was none other than TYLER FLORENCE FROM THE FOOD NETWORK!!!

He must have been doing some segment on Shake Shack. We caught him at the end of the shoot and I was able to get a picture!

Man, I love New York City…

Madison Square Park

Madison Ave. at 23rd St.
New York, NY 10010
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Hopstop Popup

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(All photos, well with the exception those with her in it, were taken by Kirstie Romero. Thanks!!)