Why? Let’s see- We snuck Jamba Juice into Harry Potter numero 6 (where I think Sabrina was almost convinced that it’d suffice as dinner) and after an at best above satisfactory movie, she sucked it up. Yes, she and her gigantic half inch cankersore sucked it up and decided that all the pain would be worth- for yes, that’s right- a Shack burger.

(Sorry Sabrina, but I think this perfectly portrays how much pain you’re willing to put yourself through for Shake Shack)

Now, let me remind you. Shake Shack has epic lines whenever it’s sunny, not so sunny, and at nighttime. Except we got lucky and had to wait like 10 minutes. But right after we got our food (around 10:00pm), that line seemed to have mysteriously multiplied. And actually, let me correct myself- Sabrina got food. I decided to cut down on the “carbs” by getting a frozen custard. I should have gotten a burger cause I ended up consuming even more carbs, but that’s for the bottom half of the story. Anyway, I think Shake Shack’s burgers have shrunk? Was it just me, or is their burger the size of a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger at Wendys?! What a bummer…

So yes, I ventured into frozen custard land. If only the flavor of the day weren’t so intriguing! I just couldn’t help it. Who’d ever heard of a mojito custard?! I’ll admit, I got it because I wanted to see how closely they could imitate mojito in a custard.

It was strange, in a cheesy sort of way (literally). I’d describe it as a fromage blanc sort of custard, but with a tingy lace of lime and subtle mint. I would have guess a soko lime if anything. But at least it was different. At $3.25, the custard’s priced on par with gelato, but at least I can say I had mojito custard(?).

Sorry for the terrible photo above (and several more to come). I’m still experiementing with my new camera and I need to perfect the art of holding still. So in case if you can’t read that, their flavors of the day are…

  • Monday: Mojito
  • Tuesday: Peaches n Cream
  • Wednesday: Black Cherry
  • Thursday: Mulberry
  • Friday: Red, White, and Blueberry
  • Saturday: Cavaillon Melon (I’m not sure if I spelled that correctly, but according to Wiki, it’s a commune in Southern France)
  • Sunday: Sweet Corn (ughh, ew!)

(It’s like Christmas in the summer!)

Okay, well. That obviously wasn’t enough. I casually mentioned how we should have gone to Pomme Frites and Sabrina made it happen. We ended up trekking back down in the direction that we came from although this time, I didn’t get us lost en route. And luckily, on Monday nights at 11pm, no one eats fries. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pomme Frites so… bare.

They’ve changed their cones! It used to just be a plain white cone and you could see all the grease soaking into the paper, but now that they’ve got picnic-esque red checkered cones, you can’t really see the grease. And that up there is a large.

And the three flavors of the night were:

  • Rosemary Garlic Mayo: A
  • Mexican Ketchup: A+
  • Mango Chutney: A++++++++++++

I’m just a sucker for all things mango. In fact, I killed off the rest of the Mango Chutney this morning with tortilla chips. A bit disgusting, I know, but…

(Once again, terrible camera skills. Apologies, apologies!)

Their Mexican Ketchup is steller for anyone who loves spicy stuff. It’s chives, jalapeno, oil, and some other stuff that makes it impossible to mix with ketchup. But yeah, if you opt for several sauces, make sure you diversify your assets and get something salty (preferably with a ketchup base) and sweet just because you’ll crave something sweet and savory by the end.

(I’m pretty sure I’ve consumed that many potatoes in my lifetime. Probably even more ketchup too…)

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Madison Square Park

Madison Ave. at 23rd St.
New York, NY 10010
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Pomme Frites MENU
123 Second Ave.
New York, NY 10003
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