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Restaurant week is a love hate sort of thing. While the opportunity to eat cheaply at fine dining spots shouldn’t be wasted, restaurant week comes with strings attached. You see… sometimes, or more times than not, the menus suck.  So I’ve always held this conception that restaurant week is where you pay mediocre money for mediocre food. Always always try to check out the menu before you book!

Of course, anything less than short of spectacular for Jean Georges is unheard of. And even though Perry St. is my first Jean Georges restaurant, you hear enough to know that his restaurants are generally spectacular restaurant week picks.

Perry St. is right next to the water and its facade is completely built of glass so you can see in through all sides. It’s also really spacious in the sense that they could fit twice as many tables in to serve more guests, but then they’d have to sacrifice intimacy. And that’s the very thing that distinguishes this restaurant from others- you can hear and speak to the person sitting across from you. Too bad we were seated in the back because I felt as if we were in our own universe.
The three of us, Jungyon, Krystal, and I, somehow ended up ordering the same exact thing, except for the wine. They have a really decent wine list and I really loved the house Pinot Blanc. They offer

  • wine by the glass: 7oz
  • wine by “tasting”: 2.5oz (I think[?])

where “tasting” is slightly more than half the price of the glass price.

(Jungyon’s wine had a fountain of carbonation the whole night)

To start off, we all got the Peeky Toe Crab Salad with champagne mango and asparagus. The crab meat was presented in thin shreds, complexly woven into the rest of the ingredients. Champagne mangos are a specific type of mango and they added a much needed sweetness to the savory. The description on the menu leaves out peas, so just in case if you were wondering what those green things are…
The other choice is the Homemade Mozzarella with cherry tomatoes and lemon verbana. I saw a plate as it was being delivered and it looked like a petit four of sorts. (I think the balance tips way over to the crab appetizer)

For entrees, there were once again two choices:

  1. Slowly cooked salmon with a passion fruit olive oil emulsion, spinach, jalapeno, and black olives
  2. Fried chicken with a sweet corn vinaigrette, cilantro, and lemongrass honey

I couldn’t justify getting fried chicken, even as gourmet as Perry St. made it sound. Plus, salmon sounds healthier for a 9pm dinner.

I hate olives. They’re either so sour or so bleh. I can’t explain it. But these olives… were they actually olives? I can’t even say I hate olives anymore. And the spinach- a condensed bed of antioxidant greenness. It was really delicious. I can’t phrase it any other way. The passion fruit olive oil emulsion was really interesting. It tasted a bit tart, but it went well. Just don’t eat it alone.

Now, for my favorite course- dessert! The two choices of the night were:

  1. Warm Valhonra Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice cream
  2. Chilled Red Berry Soup with fromage blanc sorbet

Krystal was so close to getting the chocolate cake but then decided against it after Jungyon and I were adament about the cake. In retrospect, I regret not getting the berry soup. Not that the chocolate cake wasn’t good, but after a 2 course meal (along with 2 previous dinners that I had prior to Perry Street), I was so stuffed and that oozing goeey chocolate cake didn’t help!

(Why, it looks like it belongs in a modern art museum)

(FYI- that scoop of fromage blanc sorbet in the back is absolutely divine!!)

(Gooey gooey center!! All it needs is to explode out and then it would deserve an encore)

Finally, they ended off the night with these things, no clue what they’re called, but they were complimentary. I do remember something about green tea and chocolate? They were chewy and yes, very yummy.

176 Perry St.
New York, NY 10014
Near West St.  See Map | Subway Directions

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