Oy! First post of a restaurant in New Jersey! I think I might be expanding??

On the way back from Jose Tejas, I said to Amy, “Man, Jose Tejas is ridiculously cheap.” And now, many hours later, I’m thinking to myself. A plain flour tortilla with a handful of cheddar and a few strips of chicken in some “Tex Mex” spices for $7.49? Cheap for a restaurant, yes. But I could make at least 5 quesadillas with $7.49. Ah, but I guess I wouldn’t enjoy the fine service and change of scene…

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Jose Tejas used to be a popular spot during senior year of school, though I somehow always avoided going. But it was just like the good ol’ days today. Ray and Roy came back for a few days from Florida, so we had just about everybody.

Amy and I ate beforehand, so we split a chicken quesadilla. Nothing above the ordinary. Most of the table ordered fajitas, which I will surely have to get if I go again. They come sizzling on a hot flat skillet-like plate. I’ll be sure to get steak because the way Vikki described it… you’d think that you were getting pieces from a prime filet.

The service is excellent (they put up with all my picture taking), and they also make sure you leave full by giving you extra baskets of tortilla chips, even when the entrees have hit the table. Two baskets of chips went virtually untouched (probably because it was a bit oversalted). Their water and fountain drinks are served in these humongous cups, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth if you order a soda. But as for their cocktails- Suki felt they were way too weak.

And unfortunately, if you don’t live in select cities in New Jersey, Massachusetts, or Delaware, you’re gonna miss out.

700 US Highway 1
Iselin, Middlesex County, NJ 08830-2631

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