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All you can eat sushi buffets, AKA gorging on platefuls of subpar sushi, are usually never a good idea. I walked out feeling stuffed like a turkey and drove home thinking my stomach was going to explode any minute. And the terrible thing about that was the sushi wasn’t even that great!

Maybe it’s because we arrived at the restaurant at 8:30pm and they stop seating at 9pm. But with the buffet open until 9:30pm, we decided to eat there anyway. During our first round, barely any sushi was available. All I remembered was seeing small vegetable rolls, sweet potato rolls, salmon, and tuna rolls. It wasn’t until around 9pm that more sushi started coming out, but even so, there wasn’t that much of variety. That’s our fault though, for getting there late.

I did, however, appreciate their variety of hot food, especially the Peking Duck!! I’ve haven’t had Peking Duck in years and it felt so great to eat that tender and fatty duck, even if it was overly greasy and oyster-sauced. Their short spare ribs, salmon, terriyaki steak, and dumplings are also delicious. Didn’t try the shellfish, but they have shrimp tempura, crab legs, and the whole shebang.  Although they have a “hibachi” station, it’s more or less a glorified stir-fry station.

And even though I had no room for dessert, I still had to try several of their cakes. Their coffee cake really yummy and the mousse tastes like a thick cappuccino. Their green tea ice cream on the other hand… If you like the sweetened version, don’t get it here. The color is olive green and it’s a bit bitter but really milky/creamy. For some odd reason, I just couldn’t stop eating it even though there were much better tasting flavors- like the strawberry and pistachio!

It’s $19.99 for dinner (Mon-Thurs) and $22.99 for dinner (Fri-Sun). I guess it’s not that bad of a deal considering how Todai charges much more. But, there is a place in Edison, U-Yee Sushi, that has half off from Mon to Thurs and it’s considerably better sushi. Unless if you’re my dear friend Nick who can polish off 5 platefuls, I suggest going with the half-off sushi.

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4345 US Highway 9
Freehold, NJ 07728-4215
(732) 462-7688
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