Wendy came to visit today! Fine, it’s not a long trek from Jersey, but the occasion obviously called for food. I got to pick the spot and chose French Roast because I used to walk past it on weekend mornings, watching diners sit back with a cup-a joe. Nothing like street side advertising for ya.

Going to a French restaurant has its perks. Exhibit A– Let me introduce to you, the baguette bread basket. Too bad it couldn’t compare to Parisian baguettes, but it sure as heck tasted better than the Trade Joe baguettes we had during our eating competition (yes, imagine downing a baguette as fast you can!).

Exhibit B– Let me show you a beautifully presented cup of mocha. Wait, did I say cup? I’m not sure what that thing is exactly. I don’t even think it had a handle. But it’s ginormous and Wendy couldn’t even finish it.

Exhibit C- French toast. Yes, with small portions and fruit. Very French, eh?

Yes, I did a double take too when I saw it. It’s made with a baguette! Now, now… don’t frown at those sizzling bubbles. They may be made of butter, but they sure as heck taste deeee-licious! Honestly, French Toast with a French Baguette. What more can you ask from the French?

I’m out of exhibits because while my omelette was good, it was pretty much on par with every other omelette that I’ve had in the city. I got the Omelette Lorraine- ham, Gruyere cheese, onions, and peppers.

Wasn’t too impressed with the flavors, and the filling wasn’t very well distributed. I ended up getting alot of ham towards the end. At least the potatoes were good! I almost didn’t ask for Ketchup… almost.

That random salad leaf actually made all the difference with the garnish. Can you imagine the dish without it?

Prices are decent and brunch is served between 10:30 am and 2pm. Expect to spend anywhere from $7 to $20. Food came out pretty fast. Service is average although they are pretty quick on guest requests!

78 W 11th St
New York, NY 10011-8630
(212) 533-2233
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