So I lied. On Saturday night, after an epic farewell dinner that my mother cooked, I tweeted about how I had eaten enough to last me for a week. Well, it sure as heck lasted me on Sunday as I didn’t eat much, but by 5pm today, my stomach was a-growling again. Cathy and I hit up Galanga, the much praised Thai restaurant near NYU.

I hate walking into empty restaurants. That was partially our fault, going there at 5pm and as we finished near 6:10pm, more people started flowing in. On the other hand, the upside to an empty restaurant is speedy service.

Galanga’s menu is reasonably priced. Most of their dishes are around $10 with the specials hitting near the $15 mark. The portions are reasonable- you could argue that they’re “normal,” so don’t expect a big meal.

I really love how some of their chopsticks are mismatched in color. They have pastel to bright colored plastic chopsticks that look good but don’t necessarily function that well…

Duck Basil Spring Rolls: roasted duck tossed in house basil sauce rolled in spring roll skin, accompanied with a pineapples sauce ($5)

Cathy started off with their Duck Basil Spring Roll. Essentially, it’s 3 spring rolls, sliced diagonally, and elegantly stacked onto a plate. While I liked it, I couldn’t really taste the duck. Would I have been just as happy with those frozen spring rolls you buy from Costco? Probably. Then again, I’ve never met a spring roll to rave about.

Duck Basil: crispy duck with roasted chili paste, onion and fresh basil ($14)

Cathy then continued her duck escapades with the Duck Basil. It was a bit mild in terms of its heat but the duck was succulent and just really on key. Cathy definitely seemed to enjoy it.

Panang: thick mild spicy curry in coconut milk with stringbean, pineapple chunk and wild lime leaves ($9.50)

  1. That’s pretty thin, like soup (I hate soup)
  2. Man, that’s also pretty orange…
  3. Where is the eggplant? Oh, there- I see 3 chunks
  4. That’s it? That’s all the rice I get for that large bowl of curry?!

Despite all that, the curry was delicious. The coconut milk sweetened the mildly spicy curry, and after ladling a good one third onto my jasmine rice and piling on the string beans, pineapple, and eggplant, I was back to my original happy state. I love the rich sweetness that each bit of pineapple contributes. The eggplant was also really tender and soaked up all the flavor from the curry very well. If only they gave me more rice…

I would consider coming back especially during lunch when they have their $7.50 specials. Overall, a great Thai spot especially as it’s so close to campus! Definitely beats Cafetasia.

149 W. 4th St.
New York, NY 10012
Near Sixth Ave.  See Map | Subway Directions

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