Mocha cappuccino with hot chocolate cream, a choice of dark milk or white chocolate ($4.95)

Many people might say that Max Brenner is over-hyped, but I just love coming here during the holidays. I don’t go to many restaurants more than once, but this makes it onto the “must-go-to-places” list for my exchange friends, tourists, and now cousins. There’s something magical about the experience when all the Christmas lights are up and the place is decked with Poinsettias. It feels like you’re dining in the middle of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory but during Christmas. All they’re missing is the snow.

So I took Jane and Alice, my cousins, for a bit of chocolate overdose. We met up around 4pm and even then, we had to wait a bit. The place was HOPPING with tourists shopping for chocolate in their front store section. Completely overpriced chocolates and gifts, but I have to admit- their cups are sooo cute and I wouldn’t mind shelling out $8 for a mug.

It took us forever to decide on the food, but we all finally settled with waffles (even though I seriously contemplated getting a burger).

Apple Pie Cinnamon Waffle served with white chocolate cream, vanilla crepe ice cream, and candied pecans ($14.95)

So I ended up getting the apple pie waffle. It’s ridiculously good. Let me tell you why:

  • They’ve replaced all of their traditional American waffles (the square-esque ones- here I have an example from way before) with liege waffles! That means a richer, denser, and chewier waffle! At least I think they did…
  • With the caramelized/cinnamon/diced apples, it truly tastes like you’re biting into an apple pie. It’s not to sweet and just enough apple to bring you back to thoughts of that apple pie you had on Thanksgiving.
  • A la mode. Enough said.
  • Candied pecans and a little bowl of chocolate covered rice krispies. Enough said again.

Honestly, this is probably THE BEST waffle I’ve ever had- in America at least. The only complaint was that when they served it, the ice cream had already melted a good bit. But still easily forgiven.

Banana Split Waffle warm waffles topped with fresh bananas, melted chocolate sauce ($13.95)

Jane opted for the Banana Split Waffle. Same concept but with bananas.

As if all that chocolate wasn’t enough, she poured that vial of melted milk chocolate and ate it by the spoon. It’s okay, she never gains weight because she’s a gymnast.

Hazelnut Cream Crepe a thin french crepe stuffed with melted chocolate chunks and hazelnut cream. Served with dulce de leche ice cream, toffee bananas, vanilla sauce and candied hazelnut crunchy bits ($12.95)

Alice was the one who really experience the chocolate overload. I got a crepe here once and I couldn’t eat chocolate for a month after. Halfway through, she put her fork down and sighed. “I don’t think I can eat anymore…”

I remember when I took a German friend that I met from Australia. When her crepe came, her eyes bulged open and she said something along the lines of, “Now I understand why you Americans have a problem (of being fat).” Hahaha

The crepe is folded into a quarter and each layer in between has a heaping full of chocolate. Keep that in mind when you order.

Melting Marshmallow Hot Chocolate hot chocolate with melting marshmallows, a choice of dark milk or white chocolate ($4.95)

This is the mug that I was talking about. Isn’t it cute?!

Overall, a very satisfactory late lunch. We had such a high sugar rush that we ended up going to Pomme Frites afterwards to balance it all out.

And then I had another dinner to go to. But I’ll talk about that later.

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