Croissant French Toast
Croissant French Toast w/ apples ($12)

This post marks the date that some skeezeball came into Think Coffee and stole my bag. Luckily, it was pouring and I went home and decided not to bring my beloved DSLR (THANK GOD!) or else this blog would have been done for until I could afford another camera. But as luck would also have it, that was the day I decided to bring a boxful of oatmeal and Trader Joe’s tea to a sick Jungyon. I can only imagine the thief’s surprise when he/she opened my bag…

The morning, however, was lovely, because I finally had time to catch up with Suzie, who had virtually been nonexistent the whole semester. Originally, we were going to Blue Ribbon Sushi, but waking up on a Sunday morning at 10am and thinking about sushi made both of our stomachs queasy, so we changed plans. I remembered Krystal mentioning something about a “Croissant French Toast” awhile ago, which sounded absolutely phenomenal.



If you passed by Danal back in the day (as in, er 3 years ago?), you would have remembered that it was a Korean deli! Yes! Suki, if you’re reading this, this was the place that the nice Korean guy gave me that free slice of bread! After I came back from Sydney, the place transformed into this magnificent two story restaurant with a built in fireplace, a wooden bar, and heirlooms that could have been passed down from my grandmother. It was so homey.

Danal poached eggs

Poached Eggs w/chicken apple sausage, english muffin & hollandaise ($13)

Suzie was so excited for her poached eggs. The bite that I had was indeed delicious, but I want to talk about that Croissant French Toast. I think that Nigella Lawson would have even considered that a “guilty pleasure.” First off, the croissant was pretty damn big. They slice it thinly into 3 layers. Second, as if a croissant didn’t have enough butter, I think they grilled it with more butter! Third, they spoiled me with a whole tiny jar of jam- all for myself! Life couldn’t get any better.

This is one of those must try dishes. It gave French Toast a whole new meaning. The only thing I wasn’t too keen about was the apples, but that’s such a minor detail.

danal bread basket

Of course, the breadbasket was decent as most breadbaskets are.

We sat right next to the fireplace, and as we were leaving, who do we notice dining right next to us? Rachel Weisz from The Mummy/The Constant Gardener and Darren Aronofsky! She’s even more gorgeous in person!

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