The Frenchie: 6 oz beef patty with grilled pork belly, arugula, tomato-onion compote, & morbier cheese on a peppered brioche bun with cornichon, mustard & fries ($17)

When Sabrina and I failed to secure a reservation at Babbo last week for last night (seriously, it’s like trying to make an appointment with the Pope!), we decided on DBGB aka Daniel Boulud Good Burger. It’s Boulud’s attempt at making his usual gourmet dishes a bit more affordable. That being said, my 6 oz. burger was $19.

But the restaurant is gorgeous. It sits in a remote area on Bowery next to Whole Foods and the panels of glass are filled with words of French wisdom and famous quotes. It’s as if someone took a white-out pen and elegantly scribbled on the glass.

There’s a huge bar with a dining area (for the non-reservers) and then inside is the main dining room filled with booths and tables. Bottles of wine align the walls to the right with the kitchen and expo station on the left. Everything is stacked so neatly and perfectly that it feels like you’re in some sort of mid-western gourmet factory. Sabrina and I appreciated all that effort in the decor.

The Piggie: 6 oz beef patty topped with daisy may’s bbq pulled pork, jalapeño mayonnaise & boston lettuce on a cheddar-cornbread bun with mustard-vinegar slaw & fries ($19)

Of course, how could I possibly go to DBGB without ordering the menu item named after me or The “Piggie.” It’s Sabrina’s nickname for me (don’t be offended for me, she says it affectionately). And who am I one to reject barbeque pulled pork and a cornbread bun?

As expected, The Piggie did not disappoint:


  • The bbq pulled pork was so sweet and succulent. Exactly as pulled pork should be. In fact, I’d argue that it was the star ingredient, not the beef.
  • That being said, the beef was juicy, but not so juicy that it soaks the bottom bun. It didn’t have as much flavor as some of the other burger’s that I’ve had, but the flavor came mainly from the bbq pulled pork.
  • I love the jalapeno and the jalapeno mayonnaise. The mayo is thinly spread on some lettuce leaves. The jalapeno added that extra kick to the assemble.


  • Didn’t quite taste the cornbread part of the description in the bun.
  • Ordered medium rare and was more on the rare side.

Sabrina went with The Frenchie, sans cheese. Our server tried talking her out of it because “The Frenchie without the cheese is like… well, you should order the Yankee.” And Sabrina responded with, “Uh, can I just have The Frenchie without cheese (goddamnit!)?”

What do you know? The server was right. The Frenchie without the cheese is simply not The Frenchie. The “grilled pork belly” was just a fancy name for your average tasting bacon and I didn’t taste much of the tomato-onion compote. But I’m sure the experience would have been a hundred times better with the cheese because without it, the burger was actually a bit bland.

The burgers come with awesome shoestring fries that are cooked and seasoned to perfection. They remind me of the fries that Houston’s serves, but a tad bit thicker and less oily. Sabrina actually enjoyed the fries more than her burger.

Sure, the burger does look small, but I have to admit- with the bread basket and the fries, Sabrina and I were really full. It wouldn’t work for the typical male though.

And what is a burger without some beer? They have alot of ales and lagers on draft and several are only $7, which is really reasonably priced when you consider what bars charge.

Brouwerij Strubbe Pilsner, Belgium ($7)

I ended up getting… that. It was a bit like Stella, I think.

Coffee Mocha Sundae: chocolate sorbet, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, candied macadamia nuts & whipped cream ($9)

Last but not least, as if we weren’t stuffed enough, we got a sundae! The coffee ice cream was the most strong in espresso flavor I’ve ever tasted. The only complaint was that the whipped cream ratio to the rest of the sundae was like 2:1. Another scoop of ice cream wouldn’t have hurt either as it was 2 scoops. Aren’t standard sundaes 3 scoops anyway? Regardless, I loved the candied macadamia nuts and the bits of cookie that just somehow fell into every spoonful. DEEEELISH!

This is the first Daniel Boulud restaurant I’ve been to and I came out quite satisfied. The total bill came out to around $65 without tip. The only one pet peeve that I had was our server. For some reason, I just got this really fake vibe off of him. He tried to push the specials- the juniper beer to the yule log dessert- a bit too much. Nevertheless, the service was timely and the food didn’t take that long to come out. Thumbs up!

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