Spiced Potatoes: grilled chicken, and spinach ($11.95)

Dosa: light, crispy, sour-dough crepe made from rice and lentils

You know what I really wanted that day instead of dosas?! Grilled and buttered corn topped with cheese and chili powder. But you know what happened? Seth and Albert showed up late to Cafe Habana and the wait would have been 20-30 minutes. Thanks you two, for killing a dream.

So Albert led us to Hampton Chutney, a few blocks away. With the exception of the free dosas that they hand out near Washington Square Park whenever Steinhardt has some sort of festival, I’ve never had a legit dosa. To Seth and Albert’s credit, I liked it so I guess it wasn’t so terrible that I missed out on that corn.

This is one of those grab-and-go type of places with little tall tables, bars, and stools. The whole place supposedly seats 18. They even have a midsized jug of water to the right of the counter when you order in case if you’re too cheap to buy a drink (like me).

The dosas are pretty big, for a dosa that is. But since they’re quite thin (they’re like an Indian-wannabe crepe), they’re not exactly the most filling. But I would think of Hampton Chutney as a place that you go to get some ethnic variety, even if it means sacrificing less stomach space.

Masala Deluxe: spiced potatoes, spinach, jack cheese and roasted tomatoes ($10.45)

See how then they are? They get a bit soft and sticky in the middle but the sides are crisp and extremely thin. Seth had a problem with the sourdough part of the crepe. It tasted like a milder version of injera to me, but I thought the sourness went well with the filling.

That’s cilantro chutney there. All dosas are served with fresh made chutneys

  • Cilantro
  • Curry
  • Mango
  • Tomato
  • Peanut

And this time, Seth was the picky eater. He was the only one who didn’t finish. So much for preaching that I’M the picky eater here…

68 Prince St.
New York, NY 10012
Near Lafayette St.  See Map | Subway Directions

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