Now that is one satisfied eater.

I know that most of you have probably gone here, but as I’m hunting down the top burgers in the city, I figured that this was a must.

Strapped for time today while studying for finals, Jerry and I grabbed a burger close by to campus at Five Guys. Surprisingly, I’ve never been, but I’ve always smelled the grease and watched the toppings spill over when others brought back Five Guys for lunch. And since the night Seth gave me half of his cajun fries when he ordered in, I’ve been completely obsessed with how soft and well seasoned they are.

Hamburger ($6.25)

Isn’t that ridiculous? The regular hamburger has not one, but TWO, patties. And even more awesome are their unlimited toppings. It’s pretty ridiculous how you can actually order everything, but I reckon that’d be a bit soggy and difficult to eat?



Grilled Onions

Grilled Mushrooms



Jalapeno peppers*

Green peppers*

A-1 sauce*

Bar-b-q sauce*

Hot sauce*

But what I love more about this place is the free peanuts! If you’ve lived with me, you’ll know that I can go through a jar of peanut butter every week. I love peanuts, peanut butter, peanut sauce, etc. And nothing makes me happier than unlimited, free, raw peanuts.

Peanuts ($free!)

We got our order after about 5 minutes. It’s like going into McDonalds, but getting legit food. I ordered a “little cheeseburger” because two patties is honestly just too much meat for me. I would have gotten everything, but there’s nothing I hate more than a soggy bun. So, I only got grilled onions and grilled mushrooms with lettuce and tomato topped off with BBQ sauce.

Little Cheeseburger ($5.10)

And there it is. Beautifully wrapped, but sloppily assembled. It was good, but still didn’t beat Shake Shack! Here’s my take…


  • Toppings definitely helped make the burger. Especially loved the grilled onions.
  • The burger’s pretty huge for what you’re paying.
  • The bread didn’t get as soggy as I had expected, only towards the end.


  • I wish they didn’t dice the grilled onions. They just kept on spilling out with each bite.
  • The burger itself was eh. Without the toppings or the BBQ sauce, it would have just been any other ordinary burger.
  • It’s um… pretty greasy. Even for a burger.

Upside down burger! To keep that sogginess even.

Regular Fries, Cajun Style ($3.19)

But the cajun fries! They were ridiculously heavenly. They give you so much, possibly twice the caloric amount on their menu. Basically, they fill up the styrofoam cup and some more. Jerry and I should have just split one order of regular, but we each got our own. It got to the point where we were playing odds and evens to determine who would finish them off.

So why are their cajun fries so good? Because they’re long, soft, and so well seasoned. There’s a bit of a kick and you can smell the cajun seasoning before you even touch one. They’re a must with the burger!

Overall, a great bang for your buck deal if you’re hungry and want a cheap burger near campus. They have several locations and there’s actually another one near NYU in the West Village by 7th avenue.

496 La Guardia Pl.
New York, NY 10014
Near Houston St.
212-228-6008 Send to Phone
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