BBQ Ribs with noodles in broth ($8.95)

It snowed today. Epically. I’ve never seen so much snow in NYC! I felt like I was walking through sand on the way back from campus tonight. But let’s rewind back to before the snow piled on and it was just plain windy and miserable outside.

Yun and I wanted something hot and hearty. Since freshman year, I’ve always wanted to check this spot out and we figured, what better day to get noodle soup than on a snowy day?

Sammy’s menu is really comprehensive. From Dim Sum, to noodles, to fried rice- they’ve got just about everything. Obviously, they’re not going to beat Chinatown prices, but most of their menu items are reasonably priced. As I waited outside for Yun, the delivery guys were chatting in Shanghainese. Ah, it’s so nice hearing that dialect being spoken outside of family!

Bacon & Scallion Bun ($1.50)

I couldn’t help it. Bacon!! I ordered a bacon & scallion bun, thinking that it’d hold my hunger over before the noodles came out. First off, the bun was ginormous. It was like the size of 2 buns! And it was still warm! Second, my food came about 30 seconds after. It was so fast!!

The bun wasn’t that impressive, but I liked dipping it into my soup broth. I couldn’t finish all of the bun so I ended up bringing it back to school with me, but it didn’t sit well in the cold. It got a bit chewy and hard. I wish there were more bacon and scallion bits in it because after you eat the egg-washed top, it’s just plain and bland.

Wonton & Roast Pork + Egg noodles ($8.95 + $1.50)

Yun decided on getting extra egg noodles in her roast pork with wontons. There was sooo much food. I wasn’t exactly a huge fan of the wontons. It was all meat and some shrimp and was a bit salty. Yun didn’t end up finishing all of her wontons, but ate up most of the egg noodles.

That gives you perspective of how big that bowl is…

And there’s a wonton!

As I was studying at the Rose Reading Room today, I could almost smell the BBQ Rib noodle soup. Doesn’t that just look beautiful? No matter what anyone says, I think that Chinese BBQ spare ribs are the best because the flavor really gets soaked into the meat and the BBQ is so sweet.

It was exactly what I was looking for:

  • The BBQ ribs were so succulent and they give you a very generous portion. It was the icing on top of the cake.
  • Udon noodles! Usually thick noodles can’t quite soak up flavor, but these did! I don’t really drink broths, but I sneaked one here and there. It was just so soothing.
  • There was a ton of spinach and some bean sprouts that just made the dish feel so much healthier. Not only was it hearty, but it also felt nutritious.

To top everything off, they serve you complimentary hot green tea. Most people drink hot chocolate on a cold day and consume a billion calories along with it, but us Chinese like to wash our meal down with a cleansing light tea.

The bill was pretty cheap considering how full we felt. We almost couldn’t move. But that didn’t stop us from checking out the bakery next door…

We watched the food being delivered to other tables. Our neighbors ordered the pan fried noodles and I almost did a double- take when I saw the portion sizing. You definitely won’t leave here hungry.

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