Saint Mark’s Burger a cheeseburger topped with mushrooms and fried onions (burger $7.70   deluxe $10.20)

Unfortunately, this is going to be the last burger review in a long while. I’m going off to the middle of nowhere tomorrow and I don’t expect to see many burger joints, nor do I expect my mother to suddenly start making burgers.

Paul’s is a place you always pass by on 2nd avenue on the way to Pomme Frites without paying close attention. Its entrance is recessed back along the street so if it weren’t for the ginormous double stacked burgers, I probably wouldn’t have ever noticed it. Gayot lists it as one of the top 10 burgers in NYC and being so close to NYU, Gurpreet and I couldn’t resist a burger break this past Sunday afternoon.

We get there and it’s pretty much empty. There’s around 15 tables covered in picnic plaid and the “kitchen” is essentially the bar and grill to the left when you walk in. It’s a rundown, grubby, no nonsense type of place. There are over twenty types of burgers toppings- from plain old cheddar to fried eggs, bacon, and ham.

Cheddar Cheeseburger a burger topped with cheddar cheese (burger $ 5.60   deluxe $8.30)

*(deluxe served with french fries, lettuce, and tomatoes), burger, served with bacon $0.80, english muffin $0.50, lettuce and tomato $0.35, kaiser roll $0.40, (pickles and onions are free upon request)

Gurpreet choose her beloved cheddar as well as a black and white milkshake ($2.50), a ridiculous steal especially compared to some places that charge close to $6 for a shake of the same size! Her burger seemed a bit easier to manage because there weren’t as many toppings. And of course, she was very happy with the tub of free pickles.

Her burger’s actually intact. Wait until you see what mine looked like…

There it is- a gorgeous mess of grilled onions and mushrooms just sitting on that 1/2lb beef.

It was a mess from the getgo. There were so many mushrooms that some fell off the plate before the plate even made it onto the table. Fries were strewn all over the place and there was no place to pour my ketchup. But while that messy heap looked simply delicious, here was my take on the burger. I’ll start with the cons first…


  • Soggy, wait, I mean, disappearing bottom bun. How do you expect a greasy 1/2lb burger so retain its juice? They should have put the grilled onion on the bottom bun and then the beef. By the time I tried picking up the burger, the bottom bun had disappeared.
  • The burger itself- usually burgers are flavorful and intact. This was neither. It was a tad bit on the dry side and actually fell apart when I picked up the burger (along with the mushrooms and onions).
  • The grilled onions weren’t what I expected. I expected those grilled onions that you get on Italian sausages. Instead, I got a half baked attempt at the grilling.


  • Awesome mushrooms
  • You won’t leave hungry for sure

The fries were average. They’re rectangular thick cut and massive. The flaw is that when they get cold, they get that hardened mushyness inside.

So it was an average burger with out of proportion portion sizing. But Gurpreet seemed to enjoy her burger immensely (although she couldn’t finish a quarter of it) so I thought, maybe it’s just me. Later, a friend, who I recommended the place to a few days later, also agreed with me that it’s just alot of food that tastes subpar.

The check was friendly with burgers and fries generally around $10. I probably wouldn’t come here again, but some of their toppings do sound intriguing.

131 Second Ave.
New York, NY 10003
Near St. Marks Pl.  See Map | Subway Directions

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