Meet Yun. Doesn’t she look snug and warm with her fingered mittens and large warm latte? Those gloves do look nifty…

After those filling noodles at Sammy’s, Yun and I couldn’t resist a peek into Royale. She mentioned something about “cupcakes,” and “next door” when we were eating and so I asked, “dessert?” to which she replied, “of course!” That’s what I love about Yun. She’s never one to resist dessert.

That’s essentially everything- in that glass case. It’s not a whole lot and so Yun and I were wondering how this place possibly make money, especially considering how they actually charge less than most bakeries. There are a few stools but other than that, this is one small shop.

While everything did look somewhat enticing, I had to go for that cupcake. At $2 a pop, they’re pretty decent especially since I’ve been shelling near $3 at some other places recently. I did enjoy their handmade signs though.

The red velvet cupcake was different from most others that I’ve had. The cake part wasn’t anything special, but I really loved how the frosting actually wasn’t a cream cheese base! If anything, it tasted like a whipped frosting, making it light and airy, which is a welcoming combination with the somewhat dense cake.

Red Hook: red hot red velvet cake with a hint of valrhona cocoa topped with cinnamon buttercream

The one thing that I did NOT like, however, was that red dot. It was hard and a full on burst of cinnamon exploded into my mouth when I chewed it. Yuck!

So overall, the cupcake was good, but not great.

Yun came out with a large latte at only $2.50. What a steal! I’d probably come back for coffee and maybe for a cupcake. After all, cupcakes are the exception to not visiting a restaurant more than once.

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