Sparkling Strawberry Sangria ($23 a pitcher)

Following our late night tapas streak, Sabrina and I checked out this tiny hole in the wall in the outskirts of West Village. It’s squeezed in between a burrito shop and Tio Pepe, so I’ve undoubtedly passed by so many times without realizing there was a tapas place in between. We met around 9:30pm (me getting lost first, of course) and waiting for around 20 minutes for a table. There are only 8 tables so be prepared to wait for a bit. The servers were extremely friendly and kept us updated on the table status the hole time, which was much appreciated.

The first thing that we ordered was a pitcher of the Sparkling Strawberry Sangria. It comes out to about four glasses, but it’s totally worth it. It’s like a dancing cocktail of strawberries, wine, and seltzer in your mouth. Sabrina would have downed the first glass in seconds, but managed to restrain herself. It’s not that strong and as Sabrina says, “I can drink this like juice.”

Bocadillos Crujientes crispy mini sandwiches of ham, tetilla cheese, & piquillo peppers ($5.00)

The tapas here are reasonably priced relative to other spots. It’s a bit difficult for Sabrina and I to agree on tapas since I don’t eat shellfish and she doesn’t eat cheese. We ended up compromising by ordering one dish with cheese and one with shrimp.

The Bocadillos Crujientes is essentially a small sandwich breaded and deep fried so that the crispy outside layer encases the filling. Melted cheese oozes out for that balance between the crunchy and the insides.

Croquetas De Jamon york & serrano ham croquettes ($6.00)

Next were the Croquetas. We didn’t realize that “York” here meant cheese. So with one tiny bite, Sabrina relegated the rest of the Croquetas to me. She complained that it was too creamy. While I was totally happy at the prospect of a wad of fried cheese and ham, I was disappointed that there was too little ham. In one croquetas, I actually don’t remember there being any ham.

Pintxos De Setas Rebozadas shrimp & serrano dressed mushrooms on a potato canapé ($8.00)

While I loved the mushroom and the potato canape, I didn’t really like the shrimp. This time, it wasn’t the texture that bothered me as much; it was the taste. It tasted fishy for some reason. But Sabrina loved it, so don’t take my word for it.

Patatas Bravas garlicky potatoes w/ allioli ($5.00)

These are basically overpriced cubes of potatoes with drizzled mayo. Sabrina had to ask for ketchup. Didn’t taste any of the garlic there! But, as you can see, this is quite big for a “tapas” dish. It makes for great carbs too.

I think that we can both agree that the Sangria here is hard to beat. We sat next to this little waterfall within the wall and I fell in love with the interior. It may be cramped, but everything is lit by candle and you really feel like you’re in the West Village. I’ve definitely had better tapas, but the service here was amazing and I’d definitely come back for the Sangria again.

170 W. 4th St.
New York, NY 10014
Near Cornelia St.  See Map | Subway Directions

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