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This summer, I started another website with the intention that it would be powered by a community of people who love to eat and take pictures of food. I’ve always loved browsing through Tastespotting and Foodgawker but felt that both sites tended to discriminate against people with food blogs who dine out. After all, it’s difficult to shoot that perfect shot under dim lighting.

Hence, Don’t eat that yet! came about. The layout originally looked very similar to Tastespotting but at the end of the summer, the server crashed and the template was lost. Having finally had time to fix the site, I wanted to differentiate the site from others. And no, I did not code from scratch, nor do I ever really expect myself to be able to. But that’s what graphpaperpress.com is for and Don’t eat that yet! uses the amazing theme F8 Static. This new layout now has a dynamic “features” section, which showcases 10 high resolution photos in the heading area. Features will be updated weekly (or daily if the traffic is sufficient), highlighting beautiful photography and food.

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The bottom half portion of the website is what we’re more familiar with, but instead of the 250 x 250 photos that Tastespotting and Foodgawker use, I decided to go with a 310 x 150x photo. More often than not, great dishes cannot be captured in a square box and I feel it is more appealing to give a glimpse of the overall horizontal shot.

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Since all submitted photos are taken at restaurants, the category breakdown is quite simplistic. For the time being, it will be arranged by city or state/town. They are then broken down into category by the region.

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To submit, all you have to do is click on the register/login link in the top left corner. Since the blog is run by WordPress, you can change your personal information by logging into WordPress with your username and password. Unfortunately, all passwords are generated by computer, so if you want a more memorable password, you’ll have to log in to change it. It’s fairly simple though.

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Any suggestions are definitely welcome and please, start submitting!