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One of the biggest disappointments is when you come back home with a camera loaded with pictures that you think are super-stellar except… they’re not. I should have checked the ISO before I took the pictures, but since I didn’t, they were set at 1600 for the day and hence- the “noise” in the background for these pictures.

Enough about the photos and more about the chocolate. I first came to Jacques Torres in freshman year of high school where after walking out the door, our hot chocolate began to congeal into a solid form, literally within minutes. Patrick, who has recently been watching what I assume to be a ridiculous amount of Food Network shows, wanted to check this place out because “Giada came here!”


I love their hot chocolate chocolate because it just tastes like liquid chocolate that’s not too thick to stuff your throat. Ever have European hot chocolate? It’s like having a shot of just melted solid chocolate. It sounds good, but if you have an espresso sized one of them, it’s almost sickening because of how sweet and chocolaty it is.

Jacques Torres’ hot chocolate comes in two different options:

  1. Classic: famous dark chocolate drink
  2. Wicked: classic w/ a hint of ancho & chipotle peppers

jacques torres chocolate

And then from there, there are even more options!-

  • White Chai: white chocolate with a chai tea twist
  • Orange: classic w/ a swirl of candied orange
  • White Mint: white hot chocolate w/ a hint of mint
  • Peanut Butter: mixed with peanut butter
  • Caramel: classic hot chocolate w/ a swirl of caramel

The above three cost $3.50 for a small cup but if you just get the “Classic” or “Wicked,” it’s only $3.25. That being said, that extra $0.25 is DEFINITELY worth it.

jacques torres hot chocolate

Their whipped cream is freshly whipped each day!

I ended up getting a Wicked Orange Hot Chocolate (recipe here, courtesy of Jacques Torres himself!) and Patrick the Wicked Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate. I felt that his was a bit too peanut-buttery and therefore a bit too thick to consume in mass amounts (aka, a small cupful). My Orange, on the other hand, was the perfect balance of sweet and spicy (from the “Wicked” peppers). I loved the tiny clumps of candied oranges at the end so it’s better to use one of their thin straws to mix everything up instead of leaving the best parts to the end.

jacques torres chocolate
Of course, as a chocolate shop, they also tons of chocolates as well as prepackaged chocolate goodies. The stuff here isn’t cheap, but if you’re going to spend the same amount of money buying Max Brenner, Lindt, or Godiva Chocolates, you might as well come here because it’s so much better.

jacques torres chocolate
I felt like I was back in Belgium at all those chocolate shops!

That’s where they crank out their hot chocolate and espresso drinks!

bombolini jacques torres
We also ended up splitting a Bombolini.  We asked for the chocolate filling and funny thing was, it took them forever to find one because I guess they don’t really label or have a structured way of placing the chocolates on one rack and the plain on another. But it was indeed chocolate when she cut through it.

Although I liked it, I’d have to say that at $1.50 it’s way overpriced. Patrick and I both agreed that it almost tasted like a Dunkin Donuts donut. That’s probably really offensive to anyone who works at Jacques Torres, but it’s the truth! The filling reminded me almost like a cream puff filling from Beard Papa’s.

jacques torres chocolate
And yes, they sell sliced cake- or pies too.

jacques torres chocolate
Those are some giant cookies there…

jacques torres chocolate

350 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014
at King St.  See Map | Subway Directions

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