big ed's bbq
All-you-can-eat Baby Back Ribs with Fries ($19.99)

So for 21 years, I’ve lived barely a mile from what is supposedly the best ribs in NJ. Who knows how many times I’ve passed by Porky the Pig on Rt. 34, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I finally saw what the fuss was all about. There are tons of reviews of this place on Yelp- many ranging from “ridiculously divine” to “overrated,” and my take is that it’s skewed towards the awesomeness side of the spectrum (at least for the first few bites).

We get there and it’s half empty, but what do you know? The Grammy’s are on along with the Pro Bowl and we get a booth smack underneath not one, but TWO, TV screens. Too bad there wasn’t any sound because that totally ruined Beyonce’s act on stage. And while Jason had walked through the door knowing what he was getting, the rest of us couldn’t seem to comprehend the words “all you can eat,” until we realized- no, there is no other option other than all you can eat if you want ribs.

big ed's bbq
Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing (compliments of the ribs)

All entrees (that means all you can eat) come with a salad and a side. It took us several takes before we got down the dressings, but this is what they have:

  • Ranch
  • Creamy Italian
  • Italian
  • Honey Mustard
  • Oil & Vinegar

And yes, all of the salads look like a half-baked attempt at assembling a Caesar Salad. On the bottom, there’s a bit more orange (shredded carrots) and purple (cabbage) peeking from the barely green greens.

big ed's bbq

Butter- wait no-  I meant Garlic Bread

I almost forgot! The garlic bread. Imagine taking a bite into a stick of butter. That’s almost what it was like except it was crunchy. It might look like bread, but I’ll bet that the butter to carb ratio was greater than 1 there. Grease was rolling down my fingertips. Despite how utterly disgusting that sounds, it was delicious.

big ed's bbq
Pulled Pork Sandwich (10.99)

Wendy and Arpit chose the non-ribs option, which probably was a smart choice given how I felt afterwards. For all you non-pork eaters out there, there’s like two chicken options so there’s still hope. I have to say, my meal may have been epic, but that pulled pork sandwich looked just as epic. And in that wad of foil would be the baked potato.


That’s the second round there. The ribs were delicious- at least at first when all you want to do is dive in and taste that succulent and tender fall-off-the bone meat. When they’re right from the oven, they’re just so moist and heavenly. I do have to admit that after I finished half of the first rack, it started getting exponentially less tasty. A side of BBQ sauce wouldn’t have hurt.

ribs left over
Plate 1: success. Plate 2: FAIL

I couldn’t finish the second rack. Not even close. For some reason, they decided to pile on like THREE racks onto my second reorder so Jason took one. He easily beat Kathy and me. Kathy didn’t even get past the first rack…

kathy is sad

It’s okay Kathy. I’m sure you walked out with a stomach happier than mine.

While the ribs were indeed everything I expected, the all you can eat killed it. For $19,99 I thought it was a steal (they’d charge at least $25-30 in the city) and you even got free garlic bread, fries (which I decided not to finish so I could fit in a few more bites of pork), and a salad. Would I come back again? Probably not. I want to make it past 30…

If you were wondering- no doggy bags on the reorders. Unless if you want to pay $1.97 that is. At least it helps control waste!

And check out their website for coupons before you go!

305 State Route 34
Matawan, NJ 07747-9501
(732) 583-2626
Get directions
Rt. 34 & Edgar Rd. (OH BOY THERE’S EVEN A BUS!!)

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