great ny noodletown

Roast Pork over Noodles ($4.00 [YEAH ONLY F-O-U-R!!!])

The greatest thing about Chinatown is that it’s always a hustlin’ even at 9:30am in the morning. I felt a bit guilty for depriving Moses and Joy an extra two hours of sleep, but that’s the problem with coming into NYC each time. I end up eating like 3+ meals and obviously, I need to somewhat space them apart.

So we met at Chinatown, possibly Moses’s favorite part of the city. Cheap food + heaping portions + authentic food = just as a satisfied food experience as my $50 dinners.

Like every other noodleshop in Chinatown, Great NY Noodletown not only has a FOB name, but it also has a window display of hanging ducks, chicken, and pigs. It’s quite beautiful, actually. Normally, I wouldn’t consider hanging carcasses of dead poultry “beautiful,” but when you look at that browned-crisped skin with the grease just dripping from the wires, it’s actually quite mouth watering. Obviously, I was going to order something from this display.

great ny noodletown
Joy (Moses’s girlfriend) says that Moses has not only opened her tastebuds to a wide range of Asian foods, but her chopstick skills have also exponentially improved. She had congee only once before and took an immediate liking to it. But am I the only one who gets freaked out by the thought and texture of congee? It’s like rice, in a soup!

great ny noodletown

Beef Congee ($4)

I do have to admit- that looked delicious especially with the sprinkle of scallions. Joy couldn’t finish it all (to her credit, it was 10am) so Moses finished it off. I think that happens alot…

yo tiao

You Tiao ($0.50)

There was a bit of misunderstanding as I asked for “tianyou tiao” which essentially translates to “sweet oil stick.” The sweet ones are usually a bit bigger, made in a loop with a center full of sweet crumbly sugar. Instead, they brought out the “you tiao” which is the nonsweet version since they didn’t have the sweet ones. Moses says that you’re supposed to dip it into congee (I never knew that). The you tiao was okay, nothing special. Then again, how special can fried sticks of dough possibly be? Usually they’re around $1 but this was super-cheap, half off!

great ny noodletown

I chose pork because eating duck is just too tiring. You have to spit out the bones, pick out the skin, etc… But the roast pork! Forget out eliminating the fatty parts! It was just so tender and saturated with that “roast bbq” taste. It wasn’t salty or anything either. They give you so much pork and so much egg noodles that I couldn’t finish it. Definitely worth the $4. Now, it’s obviously not going to be the best bowl of roast pork over noodles, but I have to say, it comes pretty close! Some greens would have been good though (psychologically at least).

great ny noodletown

Roast Duck on Rice ($4.00)

Moses chose his duck over rice, which was served with some green cabbage. Moses apparently likes to drench his duck in that roast bbq sauce and so when he asked for duck sauce (while pointing at the duck), they literally gave him duck sauce, which is the sweet orange sauce that you traditionally get when dipping those fried wonton strips as apps at Chinese restaurants. But he seemed to enjoy the duck after pouring a drenching amount of soy sauce over the duck…

great ny noodletown
And then, he cleaned off every last bit (maybe not every last grain though)

great ny noodletown
Well Mo-Lo! I will miss you and your sarcasm towards everything American. See you in down in Sydney!

great ny noodletown

Tbe service isn’t exactly the best. They bring out green tea immediately and it took forever for them to refill our teas, but after awhile, they were quite good about it. Best of all, when the check came, IT WAS ONLY $12.50!!! The food is definitely bang for your buck and actually beats some places that sell noodles at $10 a bowl. It’s a bit far down in Chinatown on Bowery by the bridge, but if you’re nearby, definitely worth the visit!

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