poached egg success

Let me make a confession. I never had poached eggs until… oh, two months ago at Park Avenue Winter? And then I had it again a couple of weeks back at Hundred Acres where upon finishing brunch, I walked out thinking to myself that I just had to learn how to poach an egg.

So, I came back home and Googled “how to poach an egg.” Of course, Smitten Kitchen came up with this awesome post. Since I’m pretty darn sure that I can’t do a better job than Deb and Alex at those step-by-step photographs, you’re just going to have to visit their site. They’re so helpful that I was successful in one shot.

Why the vinegar you ask? That’s one thing that I can contribute to your poach egg knowledge that the step by step guide didn’t cover. Adding vinegar causes the egg white to immediately turn white and begin cooking. It actually speeds up the cooking process so that the egg doesn’t overcook. I was literally 10 seconds away from killing the runny egg yolks so bear the timing in mind if you want that overflowing gooeyness.

poached egg on bagel

So once you’ve poached your egg, toast a bagel, cook some onions and mushrooms in a skillet and viola! You have a quick but filling breakfast.