Chorizo ($9)

After I got home (which is now sadly approximately 50 miles away from the West Village), I had to double check my Michelin Guide Book to make sure that I remembered the right restaurant. Sevilla doesn’t have a Michelin star, but it has one of those “inspector’s favorite picks” icons, meaning it’s supposed to be good. Uh, it wasn’t.

Usually, I like to wait a couple of days before writing about an unsatisfactory experience just so I don’t say anything that I’d regret. Now that I’ve given Sevilla a good 5 days, I think I’m ready to spew.

sevilla paella

Paella a la Valenciana: chicken, sausage and seafood with rice  ($22)

Sevilla is supposedly known for their paella, which came highly recommended in not only the Michelin guidebook, but also on several reviews on Yelp. I’ve been to a few places in the city for Paella, and this is definitely not among the top. I’ll talk more about the paella later.

sevilla in west village
To start off, they gave us one complete loaf of bread for two. Rarely do we get that much bread, but we saved it for the chorizo. I think the manager chuckled when he saw us eating it like a sandwich.

sevilla in west village
Sangria: White, Half Pitcher ($13.50)

Of course, no visit to a Spanish restaurant is complete without sangria. I think sangria is one of the sole reasons why Sabrina and I have begun seeking out Spanish restaurants. The sangria here is no where near as good as that from Las Ramblas, but it was much cheaper. You can choose between white and red, although it feels as if they throw in the fruit right before serving it to you as opposed to having it prepared ahead of time.

sevilla in west village

But half a pitcher is… ALOT. I got in 3 glasses.

sevilla in west village

Then out of no where, a salad came along! Another one of those half-baked salads with dressing smeared all over as if someone forgot the dressing bottle was tipped over- but greens are appreciated wherever given.

sevilla in west village

Now, the paella-

The best paella I’ve had is obviously in Spain (where my host-mother would have a pot simmering away each weekend) and instead of bring back memories, this paella was too wet. The flavor was there, but the amount of moisture totally detracted from the flavor.

To Sevilla’s credit, there was a ton of shellfish and it’s table side service so the runner served us each a hefty portion filled with chunks (or actually, A HUGE chunk of chicken), at least 3 clams a plate, mussels and shrimp.

It was also huge and we had so much left over. The funny thing is, I brought it to work the next day and it actually tasted better, probably because when I reheated it, the rice dried up a bit.

sevilla in west village

What also exacerbated the “thumbs down” was how they charge you $3.95 if you split a dish. How the heck could they possibly expect ONE PERSON TO FINISH THAT WHOLE POT OF PAELLA?! Ridiculousness.


No matter what the Michelin or Zagat Guide book may say, I’d stay away. Maybe it was just an off night for them because the restaurant was pretty crowded throughout, but that one experience was enough to plaster a “Not Recommended” on the review.

sevilla in west village

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