bensi ristorante

Margarita Personal Pizza ($6.95)

Wendy: ” So, where do you want to do dinner?”

Me: “Uh… somewhere that’s not a Fridays or Applebees or something like that.”

Wendy: “Um.” [pause for 10 seconds] [more pause]

Me: “Hmmm.” [thinking]

Wendy: [after what felt like an eternity] “How about Bensi’s?!”

That’s pretty much what it’s always like in Jersey when we want to eat at a non-chain. But really, there’s a decent amount of quality restaurants, only I don’t know where they are. For anyone who’s actually from Old Bridge or near, you can’t really miss Bensi. I mean, a whole new shopping complex only sprung up on Rt. 9 a couple of years ago. There’s a Banana Republic, White and Black House Market and even a Yankee Candle. It’s about as upscale as Old Bridge gets.

I’ve been here one and a half times. The half being a summer Friday where our group of 8 made the fatal mistake of not making reservations. So if it’s summer and you’re coming here with a group, make a reservation. The other time, I came and ordered a salad. When everyone else’s orders came, I felt that pang you get when you know that everyone else is having a party in their mouth and you’re not because you decided to order that salad.

bensi ristorante

Chicken Cutlet Zazone with fresh tomato and mozzarella: $7.95

So, I got a zazone. What’s a zazone you ask?

Zazone: Half-moon shaped pocket, made from hand-rolled dough, flavored with pesto, ricotta or tomato spread, then filled with fresh ingredients and baked to perfection.

Essentially, an inside out pizza. Glen got the chicken cutlet. Honestly, mine was better. See below.

bensi ristorante
Sausage and Pepper Zazone with fresh mozzarella and onions: $7.95

I was really surprised at how well the zazone held together. The shell stayed crispy even though the filling seemed to weigh it down. I thought it would turn soggy but it didn’t. Anyway, since sausages, peppers, onions, and mozzarella work wonderfully on pizza, think about a pizza with a thin but crispy crust. Plus you get to dunk it into marinara sauce! It’s also ridiculously huge. I was able to bring it for lunch the next day.

bensi ristorante

Cranberry Romaine Walnut with Gorgonzola Salad ($7.95)

Clare ended up being the salad girl. But seeing as how I got the same exact salad the last time and thought it was decent, I’d probably get it again. Oh, I almost forgot! Their bread comes really warm and toasty. Their butter is smooth and silky. It was so good, we got two bread baskets between the four of us and I had to stop myself!

3899 Hyw 9
Old Bridge, NJ 08857

(732) 970-0010

One of my favorite new blogs, Naked Capitalism, is written by a woman who’s very well read, and she sheds some good light onto what is going on in the financial and economic world (I hope you realized that it wasn’t a food blog by the title). Anyway, she provides an “antidote du jour” or a picture of the tone of the articles for the day, which I thoroughly enjoy, so from now on, I’m going to post the “photo du jour” from my Project 365 on Flickr after each post. It’s a common project undertaken by many Flickr users where we take a new picture each day and upload it. Feel free to visit and comment!

Photo du jour:

pellets of colored water