Buttermilk Flapjacks roasted apricots, pecans & maple syrup ($17)

Yes, that’s what $17 pancakes look like. A stack of thick, perfectly circular, perfectly drizzled, and perfectly garnished fluff of… goodness. I guess that’s where the premium of $5-7 goes to- all that perfectness (or perfection for you politically correct people).

Let’s talk about Bobby Flay. He’s not exactly my favorite chef out there, but I have to give him respect for putting himself on national television as the constant loser on Throwdown. His restaurants are generally in between casual and fine dining, a tad bit on the expensive side, but still affordable (at least at brunch). Sabrina and I have only been to Bolo (now shut down) and in comparison, Bar Americain is much more upscale and decked out. Brunch is similarly priced to New York City restaurants and cafes, with entrees being in the upper teens to mid-twenties. But, this is one of those restaurants where you can expect a legit brunch for the price you pay.

bar americain

The restaurant is also situated right next to the MoMA, which is currently showing the Tim Burton exhibition. If you’re even remotely a Tim Burton fan, you MUST go see it. It tracks his art, work, beginnings, and inspirations for all of his movies. Some of it is just pure genius (as dark as his art is) but thoroughly worth the wait. I actually waited almost 40 minutes in line for tickets at 10:50am and only got tickets to the 3:30pm showing. It ends soon, so go now while it’s still on!

Now, let’s talk about Sabrina. That’s her up there. She has good angles, or maybe, I’m just that great of a photographer. This post is sponsored by Sabrina as she uh, effectively paid for brunch. THANKS SABRINA!

We made reservations for 11:30 am and were a bit surprised to see how empty it was when we arrived. Generally, places are hopping and getting really busy right before the clock strikes noon. We started seeing more and more people filter in, but it wasn’t until 12:30pm that there was a significant difference. Then again, the restaurant is huge, with two floors, and an open view of the kitchen. I was actually very impressed with the layout.


Service was quick and speedy. I timed it in my head. Within 30 seconds, they handed us menus and served us water. Within 2 minutes, they asked us about drinks. Within 2 more minutes, they took our order. That’s the way a good restaurant should be run. Methodically and timed so that the guests don’t have to wait!

One of the runners brought out a bread basket literally a minute after our order was taken. It’s served with jalapeno butter- which had to have been the BEST BUTTER SPREAD I’VE EVER HAD- and jam, which in comparison was ordinary (but still delicious).

The cornbread was saturated with butter (in fact, it was so bad, I excluded it from the picture), the cheddar biscuit was pretty decent, the baguette tasted like a baguette, but the coffee cake was amazing! We actually saved it for after the meal, sorta like, dessert.

bar americain
Clockwise: Red Pepper Crab Cakes poached eggs, tarragon hollandaise ($22), Fries Americain smoked red pepper mayonnaise ($7), Brooklyn Hash Browns ($7)

And then, the entrees came. Before I say anything else, I just want to say that I’ve finally accepted crab (sorta like the way people accept Jesus as their savior in those movies). Okay, so maybe not to that extent, but for the past 22 years, I’ve rarely touched crab. I’m slowly warming up to shellfish though.

So the verdict? The crab cakes didn’t even taste like crab- meaning none of that fishy odor I expected. It was delicately tender and melted in my mouth with the poached egg. The side of greens was thoughtful.

I had bothered Sabrina all week about getting hash browns. They’re not really hash browns but breakfast potatoes. That was a bit disappointing, considering how I thought the potatoes at Boston College’s dining hall actually tasted better… Luckily, Sabrina talked me into splitting fries, which although WAY OVERPRICED at $7, is like the Pomme Frites of shoelace fries. Plus, that smoked red pepper mayonnaise is to die for.


And of course, the flapjacks. Sabrina couldn’t finish it all. If I remember correctly, she only ate 3 and I had 1. I have to say- they tasted as good as they looked. I love the apricot with the walnut. It gave it such a warm, homey taste, sorta like the meal I’d expect from Paula Dean if she invited me to her house. Now, maybe $17 is a bit expensive for some flapjacks. Afterall, it’s just buttermilk, flour, and sugar. But how much do you pay for pancakes at iHOP? Something like $10? I thought so. So what’s another $7? Eat one less Big Mac and you’ll be fine.

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