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No, it’s not a deli, contrary to what you or Neha may have thought.

It’s “international comfort food.

Yeah. Say what? Even more confusing is how the menu is completely American. Okay, maybe the ‘Fish & Chips” qualify as British, but still. I’d probably rename it to “American comfort food.” Even as such, the only thing ‘comforting’ on the menu is the ‘Fried Chicken in a Bucket.” But at $16, that’s not very comforting, is it?

But don’t let that deter you from trying out Delicatessen.


First off, it’s a beautiful restaurant (they also have a beautiful website, integrating flash in an innovative way).  It’s actually bi-level, which we didn’t see until we were about to leave. Glass doors surround the exterior and during today’s humid, muggy Sunday, they pulled them up so that dining indoors had an al-fresco element to it. Even though I love dining in an open space, it was sticky and flies were swarming all over the place. That’s my only complaint. But the interior is just simply gorgeous. There’s a long horizontal strip of a mirror that adorns the wall right before it meets the ceiling. The chairs are wood but modernistic; they curve inwards and are sleek. The booth is made of a leather-like material that’s hard but quite comfortable to sit on. There’s really nothing not to like about the ambiance.

Second, the food is decently priced if you’re not ordering from the entree menu and just from the “All Day Breakfast” menu. You can easily get away with under $15 for brunch, even including an appetizer if you have a party of four.

Third, the service is wonderful and the runners are timely. They refill your water. They honor your requests for Tabasco sauce and more jam within 30 seconds, and if you talk about gambling in Pennsylvania casinos, the cute runner might just stop and chat with you. Wait, actually I almost forgot. Our server chased us out the door thinking that we underpaid. She just couldn’t add. We tipped her around 23% and she didn’t even realize it. Man, it sucks to tip someone well without them even knowing it…

Fourth, Delicatessen in on the “crossroads between SoHo and NoLita.” It’s like being in two places at once!

Cornbread with jalapeno butter and cheddar ($8)

The five of us were promptly seated a bit before noon. We started off with cornbread for the table. It comes in this small pan, still warm from the oven. The butter is magical. It doesn’t even taste like butter. All you get is that kick from the jalapeno and the silky texture it brings to the bread.

I’d say that slice of cornbread is studly looking. Wouldn’t you agree?

at brunch

There’s a discrepancy with their menu. I don’t think they’ve updated their menu outside (hanging on the door) or their menu online. Several items offered on those menus included:

  • The Breakfast Burrito
  • Smoked Salmon Plate
  • Sliders
  • Grilled Lamb Kebab (this is starting to sound more international now)
  • Giorgio’s Meatballs
  • “Sticky” Ribs

Um yeah. There were nowhere to be found on the menu today…

herb omelette
Fines Herbs & Vermont Goat Cheese Omelette ($11)

I had my heart set out on the Breakfast Burrito, but since it didn’t appear on the menu, I went ahead with the herb omelet with goat cheese. I have to say, that was some darn good goat cheese. There must have been at least 3-4 eggs in there. It was so fluffy yet somehow dense at the same time. It was a decent sized serving, perfect actually, because I finished everything without feeling overly stuffed. The potatoes also hit the spot. Slightly crunch on the outside, and soft on the inside. I loved how there were bits of tiny pieces of caramelized onion.

butter & toast. melted
Butter on toast, melted (included in all breakfast dishes)

All of us received toast with our dishes. Even though we expected to each get a plate of toast, they stacked all of them on one plate. Somehow, that made it more appetizing. That also meant that any piece of toast that belonged to a carb-conscious eater eventually made its way into my stomach, except for that lone 1.5 piece that I could not stomach. They serve it with butter and jam, which of course, is the only right way to do it.

eggs florentine
Eggs Florentine ($12)

This actually wasn’t on the menu. The difference between Eggs Florentine and Eggs Benedict is the spinach v. the Canadian ham. I think you can figure out which has which through the pictures here.

Jenny asked Angela if the hollandaise sauce tasted weird, to which Angela replied no. Then they both resumed back to eating…

eggs benedict
Eggs Benedict ($12)

Either way, they both looked really delicious and it helped that both were photogenic.

Delicatessen Scramble smoked atlantic & caramelized vidalia onion ($12)

Neha and Lisa ended up getting the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. I almost got this, but I’m actually glad I didn’t. I had a bite from Neha’s and while it was good, I don’t think I would have been able to down the whole thing. It was a bit too salmon-y and hence, salty.

walking away

Brunch ended up being around $15 a person, including an appetizer and an breakfast entree. All of their main entrees are in the mid to upper teens with Steak Frites being $27. I’d recommend coming here as an experience over the food. After all, how many other ‘international comfort food’ spots do you know of?

54 Prince St.

New York, NY 10012
nr. Lafayette St.  See Map | Subway Directions

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