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Spicy Tuna ($3.25), Russian ($4.00), Eel Roll ($5.50), Dragon ($5.25), Mexican ($2.75)

Roughly 70,126 hours ago, the five of us sat on wooden stools that had chewing gum plastered on the inner rims, right next to these long black lab tables, dissecting heck knows what. That was roughly 2,921 days ago and we were in freshman honor’s biology. Oh the days of color sheets and memorizing the steps of photosynthesis.

In case if you’re wondering, that’s 8 years ago. Boy, I’m old.

uyee interior

Between cramming for exams, sleepovers, and gym class (which always conveniently happened to be scheduled before bio), the five of us became great friends. But as all good things must come to an end, we drifted apart by the time college came around.

But then Facebook happened. And social media. What would we do without Facebook? Well I can tell what you’d be doing- definitely not reading this blog post as this dinner would have never happened!

Six-ish years ago, at Rona’s Sweet 16– Those are the faces of innocence there, I tell you.

So yes, we all met up- well four of us did because someone lost track of the day (it’s okay, we forgive you, Rona) at Uyee Sushi in Iselin, NJ (near Woodbridge mall) where sushi is half-off everyday of the week except for Saturday.¬† Past 6pm, you can get dozens of rolls and sushi for half the price. When it comes down to it, it’s dirt cheap. The four of us ordered 9 rolls, a miso soup, seaweed salad, two house salads all for the price of $44. I had to chuckle when I saw the check.

seaweed salad
Seaweed salad ($4.50)

I like how the seaweed salad was more expensive than uh, the sushi?!

eel roll

Dragon Roll

The sushi came out pretty quickly. We each ordered a roll that we wanted and split everything amongst the table. I’d have to say that the favorite was either the eel roll (definitely Amanda’s favorite) or the Dragon roll.

If you’re expecting this sushi to blow your mind, don’t. Each roll is differently priced and not all rolls qualify for the half off discount. They give you a little long list where you check off what you want. The menu has a description of what each roll is, though it gets annoying and tiring craning your neck back and forth between the paper and menu. The prices listed on on sheet are the full price, so take off 50%. We actually thought the prices listed were already half off, hence our surprise when the check came!

eel roll!
Just in case if you wanted a side view/forgot what it looked like

uyee sushi

Crunchy Peanut ($3.25), Crab ($2.00), Sweet Potato ($2.00), Eel ($5.50)

Round 1 wasn’t enough. While Round 2 was equally as delicious, the crunchy peanut roll blew everything away. I know it sounds disgusting. It’s like peanut butter + peanuts + rice + seawood. The combination works though! Even if only two or three of us thought so.

The last time I came, I remember also really loving the sweet potato roll. The vegetarian rolls are only $2-3 after half off, so it’s worth trying even if you don’t like it.

Most impressive is also the ginger, which is white. Supposedly that’s a higher grade of ginger than the pink ones I’m used to at most sushi joints.

hearts of sushi!
Hearts of spicy mayo!


The service is really friendly, even if it seems as if they can’t understand what you’re saying. What matters is that they understand what sushi you want and get it to you. They get really busy especially on Thursday and Friday nights so be sure to snag a table before the prime rush time. I’m definitely coming here again (I mean, it’s not as if there are many cheap non-all you can eat sushi spots in Jersey anyway!)

uyee receipt

675 US Hwy 1 S
Iselin, NJ 08830
(732) 283-7888