Hey oh, don’t that picture look familiar?! Pre-race salad

Of all things that I have ever done, I think this is my most proud accomplishment. Sometime before college started, I made a bucket list. Smushed in the 60’s was to get published in a book.

Since I had been in PA for the passed few days, my mailbox was bursting with letters stuffed to the brim. Wedged in between it all was a padded package. When I saw the return address had been from Slattery Media Group, I dropped everything on the top of the mail box and tore apart the package. I started flipping through the pages one by one stopped on the 5th. They had used my photo for a single page spread before the recipes started. It was in one word, overwhelming, and at that point, all my emotions could no longer be contained. I did a little victory dance in the middle of the street.


So what exactly is this book? It’s a compilation of chosen recipes from some 59 global food bloggers. Familiar names such as Bea from La Tartine Gourmand,  Meeta from Whats for Lunch, Honey?, and Jaden of Steamy Kitchen all make an appearance. To be among these bloggers in the same book is humbling and this is an opportunity I’ll never take for granted. There are a ton of recipes that I’ve already book-marked, such as Champagne Macarons from Melanger and Chocolate Pasta with Raspberry Coulis from Garrett’s Table. So as you can tell, all of the recipes in this book can be found online, but Slattery Media Group does a beautiful job of compiling them all together with mouth-watering, divine pictures.  It’s also a great source for discovering great food blogs from other countries.


If you’re interested, here’s additional information and how you can get your own copy:

Date published: October 2010
Pages: 240 pages
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780980597318

Foodies of the World
is a collection of profiles and recipes from the best blogs around the world. The publication covers an international spread of cuisines, courses and recipe styles, as well as profiles of the bloggers themselves, who come from all corners of the globe. Containing stunning photography, styling and images, this is a high-quality cookbook with real food from real people.

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