pesto & bread

Okay so before I tell you about this pesto, I must tell you about the most idiotic moment of my life, which occurred this past Friday. Actually there were several idiotic moments but… Anyway, I was on a tight schedule in the morning. I was determined to run my pitiful 2 miles and make it to my desk by 6:35am. Everything was going so well until I stepped out of the shower and realized, GAH! WHERE ARE MY PANTS?! I HAVE NO WORKPANTS!


I contemplated going to work in shorts. Who was I kidding? So I drove over to Esther’s, who happens to live 5 convenient minutes away and just happens to be my size. Well, I get to Esther’s and call her and it goes to her voicemail. Repeat. Same results. Then a neighbor comes home so I’m able to get into her apartment complex. I bang on her door. ESTHER, ESTHER! No go.

Then, in the greatest act of sheer stupidity, I say to myself, “Hey! Let’s try my key! Maybe it works!”

I know, I’m dumb. Don’t ask me why I did it because I still question myself.


Long story short. Key is still stuck in the door at this moment, 36 hours later. When I realized I couldn’t get the key out, I really started panicking. My main concern was that Esther would leave without realizing that there was a key in her door, lock it, and come to a door that couldn’t be opened because the key was stuck in the doorknob. I even climbed up her fire escape to peek through her window but that was wildly unsuccessful. By 7:45am, I was really freaking out because not only did I not have pants or a key to get into my house, but my boss also had a presentation in 2 hours, and the Powerpoint wasn’t exactly finished! And he wonders why I agonize when things are put off until last minute.

Eesh. So thanks to my handy-dandy-WILL-ipedia (thanks Will!), I drove to Kohl’s, which by God’s grace opens at 8am and bought myself pants. I rushed back to work to find Esther at my cube.

Me: Esther! Didn’t you get my 23,394 messages?!
Esther: Oh, no, actually! I dropped my phone in the car somewhere last night. It was so dark so I decided not to look for it.
Me: Um. Okay. Well did you notice anything this morning when you left the house?
Esther: Yeah!! There was a key stuck in my doorknob! I was so confused!

pesto quad

So back to the food- this pesto. The idea came about after making Houston’s Thai Steak Noodle Salad when Suki came over. I had all this cilantro left over. Cilantro isn’t something that you throw onto everyday dishes. I think I’ve only used it in noodle soups. But then I came across this spinach pesto recipe and that’s when this “ding!” went off inside my head.

I took out my food processor, peeled some garlic, threw in some cilantro, spinach, pine nuts, and zapped it for a few seconds. I drizzled in some olive oil, seasoned it to taste, and viola! That was it. Throw it on bread, pasta, or any carb and you got yourself a winner. It goes best on a French baguette though.

This is one of those recipes where you decide the quantities as some people are more partial to cilantro and others to spinach. The key is to season it properly at the very end.

Cilantro & Spinach Pesto


  • Handful of Cilantro
  • Handful of Spinach
  • Handful of pine nuts
  • Couple cloves of garlic
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt & Pepper


In a food processor, throw in the cilantro, spinach, pine nuts, and garlic. Zap it a couple of times before adding in the olive oil. Continue to zap on high speed.

In terms of the ratio, I’d suggest using more spinach than cilantro as the flavor of the cilantro is a bit overpowering. I would also suggest adding the olive oil slowly and observing to see how “oily” you’d want it. For a more traditional pesto, you’ll want a thin layer of oil (1/2 inch or so) on top of the pesto. Then season with salt and pepper to taste.

more pesto!