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Why Water?
The video should have explained it, but here’s my take. You and I are blessed to have had the luck of the draw. Our ability to access the internet would seemingly imply that we have access to clean water. With the exception of a broken faucet, I have never had to resort to unclean water for drinking, washing dishes, or laundry. You and I could have easily been born in a country where clean water is just a dream. Instead of dreading to wake up at 5am to go to work, my prospects could have been filled with the journey to find water.

Why Charity: Water?
I am the daughter of two very hard-working Asian immigrants who came to this country with $20 each so it’s not wonder that my mantra is to save, save, and save. Most friends would call me frugal, but I prefer to think of myself as one who likes to see her rainy day full, even during a bought of drought.

If you know me, you’ll know that it takes alot for me to donate to a cause. First and foremost, I want to make sure that my money is going to the cause. Not 80%, not 95%, okay maybe 99% would be okay. But Charity: Water? Well 100% of your donations go toward the cause.

How do they do this? Through funds that they raise through private donors (you know, philanthropy), they will cover the cost of your credit card transaction fees, overhead from their workers (I mean, people do have to get paid, namean?), and other operating costs. Most things in their office are donated so they run a very lean operation. Therefore, your donations- all of it- goes towards providing clean water.

So what do you want from me?
For awhile, I’ve been looking for a home for the monthly ad revenues that are generated from this blog. You know those commercials where they plead you to support a kid for only $35 a month? Yeah, I considered those until I found out that at best, 80% of your donations go toward the cause. So I waited and waited, and a link to Charity: Water fell into my lap a couple of days ago. I watched the video and felt compelled.

So what do I want from you? If you run a food blog, I’m asking you to join me in my campaign to raise $5,000 to build a well. That $5000 can provide 250 people, 50 families, fresh drinking water for 20 years. The food blogging community has come together many times, whether it be for poverty or for the aftermath of a catastrophe. This cause is no different. Can you fathom what it would be like to cook without clean water?

There are several wages you can do this:

  • Donate your day’s wages. Sounds epic, but you can walk into work knowing that your mundane day of work has made a significant impact on someone else’s
  • Donate an hour’s wages. Some of us are not in a position to give a day’s wages but can forgo an hour. Remember, no amoutn is too small.
  • Have a blog? Donate your ad revenues from this month. Whether your blog makes $5 a month or $50 a month, it all matters. Just $20 provides a person with clean water.
  • Forgo a dinner. Eating out tonight for no special reason? Eat-in and tonight what you would have spent on your meal to the cause.

“Every $1 invested in improved water access and sanitation yields an average of $12 in economic returns, depending on the project.”

To join us, please donate here.

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