bobo burger
bobo Burger: Padgett Bros. beef, gruyere, leeks, fries ($17)

Some interesting facts.

The duck that grows in the shortest period of time takes 28 days to hatch after breeding.

Some of them can take five months to mature, without including the one month in the egg. This means, it takes six months to get one duck.

bobo quad

To celebrate the national Sabrina day, we commenced in the following activities

  1. Grab a subpar brunch at Gemini Diner on 2nd ave at 9:30am.
  2. See Harry Potter in IMAX 3D at the Loews theater in Kips Bay
  3. Take a cab down to Lower East Side to il laboratorio del gelato. Do get the champagne sorbet; don’t get the olive oil gelato
  4. Walk up to SoHo and window shop; check out Aritzia
  5. Go to Bobo. Make friends with neighboring diner
  6. Go to Cones for dessert. Bad idea. Too. much. food.

Let’s rewind back to #5.

Bobo is tucked on an awkward corner in Greenwich Village. If you weren’t looking for it, you most certainly would miss it. That’s because there’s a tiny purple sign with a menu and… yeah. Nothing else.

To get into Bobo, you descend concrete stairs into what seems like an underground tomb (actually, it’s called “The Den” and you can get drinks/light food there). Then, the hostesses will send you up your merry way through a flight of stairs into the dining room.


The bobo: Prosecco, aperol, solerno, orange ($13)

Our reservation was for 6pm and we arrived a few minutes early. I think they were still setting up the dining room, so we lingered around the bar. There, the barman pressured us into getting drinks. Fine, there was no pressure but if you were sitting on a bar stool and the bartender asks, “Ladies, have you decided what you’d like?” wouldn’t you feel compelled to get a drink? However, he was super nice and explained the different ingredients that went into the drinks.

Of course, I couldn’t resist THE BOBO. Surprisingly, it’s a bit bitter with laces of citrus and tons of bubbly (from the Prosecco). Sabrina settled for a margarita, which literally had two and a half shots of rum so don’t be fooled by the small size of the glass.¬† She needed help to consume it all.

Just to note- The Den itself is quite cozy and epitomizes the very scene in your head when you imagine walking through New York City and peering through a restaurant window and watching girls dine and laugh away.

Upstairs, the dining room is uncoordinatedly majestic. Chairs don’t match, frames are unleveled, but there is a sense of refinement and if I daresay, subtle baroqueness. I know, that’s an oxy moron.

more greens

Crispy Duck: Stone Church leg, swiss chard, chiles, radishes, cilantro ($16)

We contemplated getting the Dinner Party, which is a four course meal for $60. The only issue was, even the server didn’t know what the heck was being served that night. Seeing as how Sabrina is such a picky eater (fine, I confess I have some flaws too in this arena), we chose to order a-la-carte.

For the appetizer, we got the Crispy Duck. They should have labeled it as Crispy Duck SALAD because that’s just what it was. Duck dumped over a salad. The presentation really could have used some fine tuning. Someone seemed like they were in a rush plating.

Despite that, the dish was impeccable. The duck skin was so crisp and the meat was tender. The salad itself was wonderfully seasoned. We appreciated the touches of cherries in the salad. Man, that was deeelish.

more duck

Stone Church Duck Breast: date, hazelnuts, parsnips, chorizo ($32)

Sabrina carried her obsession with duck onto the entree.

This I tell you, was possibly the best choice Sabrina has ever made in her life, second to choosing to sign up for that fateful summer dorm that placed her in my grace and presence.


A whopping $32 you say? Completely worth it. This is a gastronomical masterpiece. Listen to this-

  • Dates pureed= sweetness
  • Chorizo bits = spiciness
  • Perfectly cooked duck breast = saltiness

Together = amazingness.

digging into the duck
It’s a very difficult dish to describe because the flavors all hit you from different sides within your mouth. I would never have thought dates would work so well, but whaddya know, it does. And then the parsnips? They’re like a very mellow form sour potatoes and both of us went back and forth figuring out what it was under I finally mustered the guts to ask the server.

close up burger

Don’t tell me you’re surprised I ordered the burger.

For $17, it is only most fitting that I compare this to The Spotted Pig’s famous $17 burger. All I have to say is.

Bobo burger > Spotted Pig burger.

burger up close
Several scientific discoveries have led me to this conclusion with the most important being taste. IT WAS PERFECT! The burger I had at Spotted Pig was ridiculously salty.

Now, to be fair, this burger had some gruyere cheese whereas the other did not. It also had some fried onions and leeks, but note that there’s no sauce. This makes it a somewhat comparable match in my view.

Both burgers sit on a brioche bun, but the Bobo burger’s bun is delicately soft and buttery. This does have its cons as the juice from the burger quickly seeps into the bottom bun making it somewhat soggy.

But overall, the Bobo burger wins, hands-down. The contrast in texture between the softness of the bun/meat and the fried onions/leek seals the deal.

Not to mention, the fries at Bobo win handily. I didn’t even have to use ketchup. That’s rare.

bite into the burger

Our meal at Bobo was spectacular. However, some things to note- service was great but flawed. The runner accidentally gave our appetizer to the other table but luckily, one of the servers redeemed the restaurant by joking, “Sorry about your food. That runner has been fired.” The restaurant also seemed a bit uncoordinated as we had two servers to greet us (not that I’m complaining about the extra attention). And last but not least, just bring out a damn bread BASKET instead of serving it by the slice. For what we paid ($115 including tip), I’m sure you can afford a few extra slices and a handwoven basket.

181 W. 10th St.

New York, NY 10014
at Seventh Ave. South  See Map | Subway Directions

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