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It’s July! And that means two things. More ice cream and tofu’s birthday!

If you haven’t realized by now, tofu is my best friend, Sabrina. She and I met four years ago as random summer roommates. That summer involved massive amounts of eating out, attending hot dog eating contests, and secretly hiding under tables and grabbing unsuspecting feet. It’s her birthday on July 9. She’s gonna be old. The big TWO-FOUR. Oh vey. I am smelling petroleum in the air.

But onto some exciting news. Scoops and Sprinkles, the ice cream and cupcake blog, has officially launched! Why ice cream? Because it’s all that I ever want to make. Why cupcakes? Because I love how they look and I recently won a convection oven so I can bake! However, do expect more ice cream posts than cupcake posts as in my book ice cream triumphs over cupcakes.

So yeah, you should totally check it out! A blueberry ice cream recipe is up!