my burger

BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger: Chargrilled USDA Choice beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, frizzled onions and a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce ($6.99)

An observation made by a friend of a friend (Roughly 36 hours before Hurricane Irene…)

In Florida:  half days at work, boarded up shops, and the grocery stores are out of water, liquor, and ALL of the edible canned foods and cereals.

In New Jersey/Brooklyn:  the canned food shelves are fully stocked, there are a few cases of water (which nobody is fighting for…), all the frozen food is completely gone, and I could have bought every half-decent cereal or soup my heart desired…

Folks, I’d like to remind you that your refrigerators run on electricity. Even with a category 1 hurricane, there’s a decent probability that power lines will be down. So yeah. Last night, everyone at ShopRite loaded up on milk and frozen foods (maybe it’s because Lean Cuisine was on sale). I really wanted to say something to the woman in front of me (but didn’t!).

Now that we’ve gotten my note on what NOT to buy when expecting a hurricane out of the way…

A few weeks back, Esther, Kelly, and I had lunch at The Office near The Green in Morristown. We figured we’d “celebrate” the end of Kelly’s summer-internship. Clearly, she has great timing given that she’s now safely in Chicago and out of Irene’s path. The Office is a bar and grill open late daily until 2am (whaa, in Jersey?!). I stopped by last year for a burger and all I remember was how great the burger was!


Caesar Salad: A traditional Caesar salad with Parmesan cheese and croutons ($6.49)

Given that it was a gorgeous day, we sat outside. It was a week-day lunch so the restaurant was virtually empty. I think a total of two parties entered the venue during our 45 minute dining experience. When we first arrived, two servers greeted us (one was in training) and left a small bowl of fresh carrots, celery, and broccoli with ranch dressing. I guess that’s their form of bread. We ordered immediately.

Esther got the Caesar Salad, and I have to say, the toasted bread that came with the salad looked quite appetizing.

plain burger
Build your own burger with just Cheddar Cheese

Kelly and I both got burgers. I ended up getting the BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger, and Kelly got a regular burger with just cheese. For a $7 burger, man, there are quite a few things to rave about…

  • The burger itself: The meat was cooked to perfection- medium rare. Still juicy and a bit pink, it was very well seasoned. A+.
  • The bun: I THINK it was a potato bun, but either way, I love those buns that are slightly buttery. This one had a certain sweetness to it like most potato buns.  The only con is that the bottom of the bun got pretty soggy due to the juiciness of the burger. This is a pretty common flaw across many burgers.
  • The toppings: Oh man, frizzled onions make my day anyday. The BBQ sauce wasn’t anything to write home about, but still packed a pretty good kick in the mouth.

Overall:  While not one of the top burgers I’ve ever had, this was definitely your above-average “average” burger. Does that make sense? Like if you were to compile all burgers under the $10 range, this would definitely rank high up there. Several little things distinguish it just your above-average “average” burger include the generic bbq sauce and  the taste of the meat (you can tell that the grind wasn’t anything too special).

The fries were also quite crunchy and decent.

a bite in

When we got the bill, I seriously thought the server undercharged us. $18?!?! For lunch for three?! It was ridiculously cheap. On their website, the BBQ bacon cheddar burger is $8.99 but I guess those are dinner portions. Anyway, for that steal, this place is definitely worth checking out, especially at lunch.

3 South Street
Morristown, NJ 07960
(973) 285-0220