Here are some things I recently learned…

1) DVR happens in a box and it’s awesome. Talk about efficiency.  I realize I’m about 5 years late to the game. Well, I don’t watch much TV.

2) Conan O’Brien is funny. Excuse me again for being late onto the scene.

3) Bluetooth in the car is fantastic. I got to experience the phenomenon of someone calling while in a bluetooth enabled car. Again, I’m about 3 years late to the scene.

4) Disciples is pronounced as “di-cye-ples,” not “diss-i-ples.” My bad.

I would like to thank Luis and Jenna for enlightening my puny sized brain.

blueberry muffins2

Moving on, the other day, I had a box of leftover strawberries that were starting to go bad. I also had a box of frozen blueberries (that I had shoved into the freezer after they were about to go bad). So, I decided, with my new handy dandy convection oven that I’d make muffins! It’s one of those “small” convection ovens that enable you to roast a chicken. I won it at a food conference. Go me!

So let’s rewind first. A couple of weeks ago, Mark needed to bake cupcakes for some newspaper event. I decided it’d be the perfect opportunity to finally unwrap the oven from the box. Of course, after we make the batter and all, I realize… THE DAMN CUPCAKE TRAY DOESN’T FIT INTO THE OVEN!! FAIL!!!

Hence when I was at ShopRite and saw those 6-muffin tins on sale, I thought to myself, LET’S GET THESE!

I haven’t made muffins in a long time since it’s such a hassle to fire up my oven. And when it came to it, I decided to stick with this trusty recipe I found a few years back. I actually blogged about these blueberry muffins before (pre-DSLR) but the pictures were quite abysmal. And I figured- blueberry, strawberry… I’ll just mix up the berries. Shouldn’t make a difference!

I whipped up the batter and crumble in no time. I put all of the batter into the trays. Then I insert the tray. Guess what happened? THE TRAY DIDN’T FIT AGAIN! I tried turning it, but the oven door wouldn’t close. In the end, I managed to diagonally insert the tray and lift one side up so that the thing was half elevated. All you hard core bakers are probably shaking your head out there. Luckily, the batter didn’t overflow from the pan and I was able to rotate the tray enough times for it to cook evenly through on all of the muffins.

In the end, everything worked out. We got our muffins. The recipe made six, and in less than 12 hours, there’s just ONE left. This is among the most popular recipes I’ve ever posted on this blog and it’s received rave reviews. I’ll definitely be making these again.

blueberry and strawberry muffin recipe

Note– I found that the crumb topping actually comes out a little bit runny. To fix that, I added additional flour (about another 1/3 cup) until the consistency became a crumbly mixture. At this point, there was way more crumble than batter. In such a case, just double the muffin recipe since you’re bound to run out of muffins fast!