Chihuahua: bacon wrapped dog covered with avocadoes and sour cream. don’t be scared ($4.50)

A few weeks ago, the day after Christmas, Mark and I headed into the city to meet my awesome Australian friend Adam. I felt a bit awkward suggesting we meet up at Crif Dogs, given that I was proposing we eat a glorified tube of encased meat on a potato bun for lunch, but he was totally fine with it. (I had a Groupon, of course). Luckily, I proposed noon and nothing earlier because Crif Dogs opens exactly at noon. And exactly at noon on that particular Monday, all the seats (roughly 5 tables + a bar) promptly filled up.


Good Morning: a bacon wrapped dog smothered with melted cheese and a fried egg ($5.00)

Since it was already jammed packed, our orders took awhile to get to us (maybe 15 minutes)? The boys each ordered two dogs, I one, and together we got three Pap’s Pabst (Mark: “go to your blog right now and fix PAP’s blue ribbon… ITS PABST BLUE RIBBON! I DON’T WANT TO DRINK A PAP!!!”) Blue Ribbons (unflavorfully American, as Adam remarked) as well as a large order of waffle fries loaded with cheese.


Morning Jersey: taylor ham wrapped house dog with melted cheese and a fried egg ($5.00)

The three of us ordered some type of breakfast dog- Good Morning or Morning Jersey, the only difference being bacon versus Taylor ham. Both of them came with a fried egg and some good ol’ American cheese. Let me tell you. That dog was righteous. I never knew a hot dog could taste so freakin’ good. It’s the fried egg I tell you.


Spicy Redneck: a house dog, bacon wrapped, with chili, cole slaw, and jalapenos, did somebody say backyard wrestling? ($4.75)

When Mark’s spicy redneck came out, I looked at him hesitantly. If there’s one thing he hates, it’s mayo and anything that resembles mayo. Cole slaw would qualify for that camp. That thing was LOADED with cole slaw, to the point where everything else was completely buried. One bite in, no answer. Two bites in, Mark says, “Hmm… interesting.” INTERESTING?! That’s all I get out of the guy for a hot dog loaded with spicy chili and coleslaw? Eventually he admitted that the cole slaw wasn’t so bad and he could see the reason for it being on the dog (so that he could eat the hot dog in peace without tearing up). However, he noted that next time, he’d just get two of his Jersey Mornings.

Adam’s second dog was a Chihuahua (photo above, first one in the post), which sounds particularly nasty. I mean, bacon, avocado, and sour cream? But yours truly tried the Chihuahua on a very late night after visiting a particular nearby Japanese neighbor that offers cotton candy after your meal (hmm I wonder who that can be?) and it was fantastic! The best thing about all of these bacon wrapped dogs is that the bacon literally becomes one with the dog. The fat from the bacon welds itself onto the hot dog and transform the hot dog into what seems to be a blast of bacon-ness. The crunch also helps.


Large Cheese Fries ($4.00)

Not going to lie- the waffle friess + cheese are a bit disappointing as the cheese seemed to be cheese whiz. Then again, for $4, what should I expect? I’d hold off on the fries and either get an extra hot dog or perhaps the tator tots.

But yeah, a must try for all hot dog lovers out there! Warning: The meal does not come cheap. The Groupon, which I purchased for $10 and offered $20 worth of food, was insufficient to say the least. I had to shell out another $17 something, which means our hot dog meal came out to a whopping $37+ meal. Oy!

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