Filled with Sweets Bento Box

There’s nothing more inspiring than hearing that someone who you’ve befriend has acted upon his/her passion. Such stories have been creeping up here and here, including Katie Shea of City Slips, Raj Gokal of Sano Intelligence, and Trevor Owens of Lean Startup Machine. But today, I want to dive deeper into someone whose story is at least relevant to this blog.

Meet Terry, founded of Filled with Sweets, an “Asian Inspired” baking company in NYC.  I had the chance to meet and catch up with Terry a couple of weekends ago.

Meet Terry, founder of Filled with Sweets, an “Asian Inspired” baking company in NYC.  I had the chance to meet and catch up with Terry a couple of weekends ago.

“What led you to start Filled with Sweets?”
Well, I’ve always been into baking. I grew up eating all of these Asian flavors that just aren’t found here and I thought to myself, it can’t just be me. So I started baking using Asian influenced flavors, gave them to my friends, and received really positive feedback. Last year, I began taking this idea seriously. I’ve been at the Hester Street Fair, Park Here (an indoor pop up park in SoHo) and in the Grub Street food fest. I also put my idea onto Kickstarter and had overwhelming support.

“How often do you bake and what do you bake?”
I bake on a weekly basis and churn out 200 baked goods. Right now, we have five cupcake flavors and five cookies.  I try to use as much organic and local ingredients as possible. I use hormone free butter and milk and local honey.  Since my goods are freshly baked, there are no egg preservatives. One of the things I try to focus on is making my baked goods “not too sweet and with not too much butter” without sacrificing taste. My cupcake frostings use a Swiss Meringue base, which I believe holds up better.

“Did you develop the recipes yourself?”
Yes, it took about five to six months to develop the recipes and tweak them.

“What’s your favorite flavor?”
Definitely sesame! Other people seem to love it too.

“What is your goal with this endeavor?”
Ultimately, I’d love to have my own storefront with international branches. But as a first step, it’d be great to be able to sell at a café or at a gourmet supermarket. Right now, I just have to get the name out and pitch my idea to vendors.

“Are there any new recipes in the development line?”
I actually just got an ice cream maker, so I’m looking to learn how to make ice cream and somehow incorporate that into my baked goods.

For a much detailed (and better interview), head over to Cindy over at LookyTasty.

Terry was nice enough to provide me with her “bento box,” which is a melange of some of her best creations, including maple black sugar cookies, sesame cupcakes, honey jasmine cupcakes, and green tea matcha cookies.


Maple Black Sugar Cookie: filled with coffee cream ($2.00 each, 3 for $5.00)


Not gonna lie, this is pretty darn awesome. It’s not overly sweet, but just enough to satisfy that sweet tooth. The intense maple almost reminds me of a pancake-filled breakfast. That goes to tell you how I drown my pancakes in maple syrup. Unfortunately, this cookie doesn’t hold up well after a few days as it gets a bit harder. But that just gives you one more excuse to gobble it up as quickly as you can.

Honey Jasmine Cupcake: filled with raspberry jam and topped with jasmine frosting ($2.50)


Love the Swiss Meringue frosting. It’s just subtly sweet. But the best part awaits inside. There’s a raspberry filling! Given that I had to wait overnight to eat this, the filling was a great call because it kept the cake moist. Imagine if I had it on the spot…

It’s called Filled with Sweets for a reason!

Black Sesame Cupcake: filled with black sesame paste and topped with black sesame frosting (minis- $1.75 or 3 for $4.50)

This was by far my favorite. For those of you that love sesame, this is a must try. Everything about this screams sesame. In the first bite, there’s only a hint of sesame. But as you dig further into the sesame filling, the sesame flavor punches you in the mouth. Really a wonderful balance of sweet and sesame.


I’m also not the only one who loves Terry’s cookies and cupcakes. Check out her reviews at Yelp.

Be sure to check out Terry at the TAP-NY (Taiwanese American Professionals) Night Market on Friday April 13th as well, ticket are on sale here. The folks at TAP also did a wonderful interview with Terry.

You can find Terry at