Bold Burger: two 7 oz. patties, applewood smoked bacon, sautéed onions, american, cheddar cheese, pickles, tomato, fried egg, & chipotle sauce ($16)

See that ridiculously good looking burger? Well supposedly in the past year that our server has worked at Stand4, only four people have managed to finish it. Here’s how the conversation with our server went…

Server: Are you guys ready to order?
Me: Yeah. I’ll get the Bourbon St. burger.
Jerry: Ok. I’ll get a Bold burger. And uh, a Stand Burger.
[Server’s eyes widen. Mouth gapes]
Server: Wait, you want two? You realize that the Bold Burger is yeh high right?
Jerry: Okay fine. I will get the Bold burger and maybe order more after.

Not only did Jerry finish that Bold burger, excuse me- I mean demolish it- he did it before I even took three bites of my burger. How ungentlemanly.

Then he proceeded to scarf down the chili and the fries.


The question is- WHERE DOES IT ALL GO?!?!


I had envisioned a completely different restaurant when I suggested to Jerry that we meet up at Stand. In that vision, Stand was located next to the Union Square movie theatre and next to Strand bookstore. In reality, I was one avenue and one street off and the name of the restaurant was Stand4. I could swear that there was a STAND Burger restaurant right next to the theatre. Somebody please tell me that such a restaurant did once exist because I think I’m becoming delirious.

That being said, I realized that I’ve also definitely walked by Stand4 with the intention of checking it out one day anyway.


Lagunitas I.P.A ($7)

So how did Stand4 measure up to expectations? Well considering how its a place dedicated to burgers, the burgers were quite disappointing. They were pretty average but for the price, it was really highway robbery.

Luckily, the server made up for the burgers. She was super friendly and upon asking what kind of cider they had, she actually brought me a bit to sample along with the beer that I ordered. Not to mention, she came back frequently to ensure that Jerry was 1) still alive and 2) not hungry anymore. I think Jerry decided to get some food elsewhere after his Bold Burger. The cherry on top was when she chased after us when we left, returning my camera case for me. Really appreciated that.

I can’t really say how the Bold burger tasted but given that Jerry scarfed it down in under 4 minutes, I assume it couldn’t have been bad. Plus, anytime you had bacon, a fried egg, and cheese it’s bound to be decent.


Bourbon St. Burger: mozzarella, jalapeno, lettuce, tomato, red onion & bourbon smoked b.b.q. sauce ($14)

My Bourbon St. burger pulled in a 6/10. The burger was perfectly cooked as requested (medium rare) with a slight pink. It was slightly juicy but the flavors weren’t there. Instead, virtually all of the flavor was derived from the toppings. I did appreciate that the b.b.q. sauce wasn’t slathered on though. The bun was actually perfect- soft but thick enough to handle that juice.

This burger should sell for $11-12 MAX. At $14, it’s not too far away from the famous Spotted Pig’s $17 burger, which although had its flaws when I went, was still a much better burger than this one, as well as the Bobo’s $17 burger which blows both of those burgers out of the water. Both of those come with fries too.


Cheese Fries with Chili [not pictured] ($7)

These were also a sorry excuse for $7 fries. I expected something more than generic tasting fries with tasteless cheese. Part of it might also be because I requested chili on the side since I don’t like chili. Either way, I’d stay away from these and get the regular fries next time.

In other words, I think I would have enjoyed the experience more had I not gotten hit with a $54 bill with subpar burgers and fries. I would have gladly paid $35 for the burgers, fries and beers. Apparently I’m not the only one either. Lot’s of agreeable folks from those who posted on Yelp. I really don’t mind paying up to $20 for a burger, but the burger better justify that price.

24 East 12th Street
Manhattan, NY 10003
(212) 488-5900