At the rate I’m going, this blog is about to become a blog all about burgers. They’re just so damn delicious and good ones pop up everywhere.


For today’s burger hunt, Mark took me to Peddler’s Village in Bucks County, PA where Buttonwood Grill serves up a mean burger. The vibe of Buttonwood Grill is intriguingly weird. It’s as if the restaurant is going through an identity crisis. It’s stucco with colonial shutters on the outside, yet the interior feels like a glorified log cabin. Still, we loved the wide windows that brought in an endless stream of light.


With such a decor, you would expect steeper prices but nope. The most expensive item on the menu is the Grilled Filet Mignon Medallions at $24. Everything else is in the low teens. The burgers, at $10-12, were a steal! When compared to some recent burger experiences I’ve had, particularly the $16 burger at Mediterra in Princeton, NJ, or the $14 burger at Stand4 in Union Square, NYC, this one blew those burgers out of the water in both taste and price.


SW Border: Queso fresco cheese, sliced tomatoes “salsa style,” poblano peppers, guacamole and chipotle lime ranch ($12)


Guinness Onion ‘N Bacon: Guinness BBQ onions, sharp cheddar and creamy horseradish ($12.00)

Between the SW Burger and the Guinness Onion ‘N Bacon Burger, we weren’t quite sure which was better. They’re both awesome in their own way. Here were our takeaways:

SW Burger:

  • Perfectly spicy and seasoned. The heat from the poblanos was offset by the guacamole. As Mark says, it had the perfect kick.
  • The cheese? Oh man, delectably salty.
  • We appreciated how the tomato was under the patty, which helped soaked up some of the juice from the meat.
  • Overall: A well balanced burger that didn’t need bacon or any other frills to make it work.

Guinness Onion ‘N Bacon Burger:

  • The bacon was cooked perfectly and we loved how the cheese melted onto the bun. This was definitely a delicious burger. However, compared to the SW Burger, this was a bit heavy and we don’t think it would have tasted as awesome without the bacon.
  • The potato bun was a great choice to offset the savory-ness of the overall burger. It was soft, airy and slightly sweet.
  • Get this medium rare (as all burgers should be) and eat it within 10 minutes. The first few bites are wonderfully juicy but as we tried dragging our meal out (we are just such great conversers), the burger got slightly dry.
  • Overall:  A really, really good tasting burger, but it was not without the help of our good friend Porky the Pig. Bacon does make everything taste better. Sans bacon? I’d say the SW burger wins, but you have to like spice to agree.
Disclaimer: There is really no way to compare these two burgers objectively. It all comes down to what you’re in the mood for.  You’ll just have to try them for yourselves. 


Mac ‘N Cheese for Two: Sharp vermont cheddar, parmesan crust, oven-dried tomatoes ($8.00)

We also got some Mac ‘N Cheese. We really loved that parmesan crust, but if there was a way to make that crust appear deeper and in between the macaroni, it’d be an epic achievement. The tomatos provided a good contrast from the cheese, but otherwise, this was not as flavorful as I’d have hoped. It could have used a bit more cheese (or salt?).  Shockingly, Mark and I both rated this a 6/10. Verbatim, Mark remarked that he “wished it [the crunchiness] continued through the bottom.”



All of their burgers come in half-pound sizes and are made with a house grind of chuck, brisket and short-rib. Supposedly they’re ground daily! Between waiting for our table and waiting for our food, it’s clear that their burgers are amongst their more popular menu items.


Shock Top Raspberry: St. Louis, MO ($4, but it came out as $5 on the receipt)
Anchor Brewing Liberty Ale: San Francisco, CA ($6)

And of course, what is a burger without some beer? If you’re looking for something light and on the sweet end (and you’re a girl), shoot for the Shock Top Raspberry. I LOVED it.  The Anchor Brewing Liberty Ale was a bit bitter but still pretty light.


(Someone is way too excited)

Overall, we had a fantastic experience here. We loved that the burgers were served on wooden boards topped with brown parchment paper. The server was super friendly and the food came out within 10 minutes. It’s also a kid friendly place. We saw a buncha Etch-A-Sketches being set up at a nearby table expecting kids.  Would gladly come again!

Rt 202 & Street Road
Peddler’s Village
Lahaska, PA 18931