Triumph Brewery

triumph brewery

After the winery at Sand Hills Castle, we I was ravished. We drove into New Hope (roughly 20 minutes away from the winery) but spent nearly another 20 minutes looking for parking. After several loops, we concluded that pretty much all parking is metered so we finally pulled into a space that was only a short walk away from Triumph Brewery. Given the time (2:30pm), it was fairly quiet when we walked in, although there were a few tables still finishing lunch as we were seated outside.

The place itself is massive and industrial looking. Inside, there are high tops as well as regular dining tables. There’s even a pool table and a dart board for groups looking to hang out. We, however, chose to eat outside.  The weather was great, but the brewery is situated right along the New Hope train tracks where trains come and go every 35 minutes. As they stop, this giant grey cloud of smoke billows and envelopes you. Not exactly the ideal situation to eat in but oh wells.


In order from the left most: Honey Blonde, Amber Ale, Vienna Lager, Oatmeal Cookie Stout, Bengal Gold IPA, Summer’s Blonde and Sopho’s Ale (sampler comes in 5oz glasses for $8.50)

Our obvious choice for the drinks was a sampler of their seven beers on tap.

  • Honey Blonde: A clean malt flavor is subtly accented by local wildflower honey. 5.0% ABV
  • Amber Ale: Brewed in a Pacific-Northwest style. Its sweet malty taste is balanced with a generous helping of Cascade hops. 5.2% ABV
  • Vienna Lager: Originating in 19th century Austria, this style of amber lager has become a regional favorite. Toasty malt flavors are accentuated by noble hops in a medium-bodied beer. 5.5% ABV
  • Oatmeal Cookie Stout: A Triumph original brewed with milk sugar (lactose), cinnamon, vanilla bean, molasses and roasted barley. Rich in flavor, full in texture with a sweet and lightly spiced finish. 5.7% ABV
  • Bengal Gold IPA: The hefty alcohol content and generous hopping rate once needed to keep beer fresh on the long voyage to India gave rise to this style. 6.6% ABV
  • Summer’s Blonde: Amber’s blonde sister. A blend of pilsner and pale malt with four varieties of American hops. 5.2% ABV
  • Sophos Ale (hand pump): This high alcohol beer is brewed with several varieties of crystal malt and honey. The complex flavor is accentuated through the use of fresh sage. 7.0% ABV
Of the seven, my favorite was the Vienna Lager. It’s just an awesome, light, crisp summer beer. Perfect for a burger. The Oatmeal Cookie Stout, which I would have ordered on its own prior to finding out about the sampler, was a bit too sweet and nearly syrupy- well as syrupy as beer can get (although Mark liked this). The Summer’s Blonde went down smoothly but then had a strange aftertaste. The Sophos Ale was a second favorite. For $8.50, this sampler is a steal.


Nachos: Black bean, Pineland Farms grass-fed beef short rib ragout, Terhune Orchards poblano cream, Flaim Farm pickled long hots, Jersey Fresh spiced tomato, Grafton Village cheddar fondue, house made creme fraiche ($8)

We started off with the nachos for the appetizer. By most standards, it did not look like nachos. Rather, it was a glorified plate of this liquid-y cheese sauce that drenched some very thick tortilla “chips,” which were then topped with peppers, salsa, beef short rib and cream. After the first bite, which was only loaded with the cheese, I was disappointed. But then I loaded the next bite with a bit of everything and harmony ensued. It was fantastic! My only complaint is that we could have used a few more chips because it was just an overload of toppings.



Duck Tacos: Hudson Valley duck confit, Trauger’s Farm cabbage, Blue Moon Acres organic shishito pepper, barefoot garden tomato, Vannini Farm organic cilantro chipotle puree ($13 on website, $14.50 on receipt)

I didn’t order a burger since I figured I could use a bit of variety. I opted instead for the duck tacos, following the server’s recommendation (I asked her which was better between the beef tenderloin sliders and the duck tacos and she went with the latter). For me, they were just okay. I’d rate them a 6/10. With the chipotle mayo that came with Mark’s burger, the duck tacos were elevated to a 7.5/10. There just wasn’t a whole lot going on in terms of the flavor- where was the cilantro chipotle puree?  For $14.50, it was a bit overpriced. The local Chinese supermarket that sells a whole roast duck for $19 has a better deal in terms of both taste and value.

triumph burger


Triumph Burger: Pineland Farms grass-fed ground beef  American, cheddar, pepper jack, provolone, swiss, bleu, bacon, grilled onion, mushroom @ .75 // lettuce, tomato, onion available upon request (Burger starts at $12 + add ons (bacon, pepper jack and grill onion = $14)

Mark’s burger, however, was a completely different story. My first reaction was “Damn. I should have gotten the burger.” It was pretty massive. They were super generous on the bacon and the cheese was literally dripping from the sides of the burger. It looked as good as a Victoria’s Secret model would in burger form. Even better was the taste. Mark ordered the burger medium, which captured the succulent nature of grass-fed ground beef. It was fantasmic. I’d rate this burger a 8.5/10.

Both entrees are served with either house chips, fries or salad (Caesar or Mesclun).  We both got fries, thought I got the sweet potato fries. Those too, were awesome. I’d definitely go for those over the regular fries.


While my duck tacos weren’t anything to rave about, there’s one thing that deserves mentioning here and it’s the service. You wouldn’t expect this from a brewery, but the service was impeccable. Our server, Amber, made sure that we were well accommodated. We took awhile to finish our meal, and even when the entrees were done, we had yet to finish the beer. By this time, it had started to drizzle. Amber helped us relocate into the dining room despite having only 15 minutes left in our meal- all with a giant smile on her face. The manager, Kim, also dropped by when we were outside and offered some friendly advice on where to get beer across the river.  Stuff like this is priceless. We look forward to visiting the Triumph Brewery in Princeton- the menu is slightly different.

Gerenser’s Exotic Ice Cream



We passed by Gerenser’s while looking for parking, and instantaneously, we knew we wanted to come here for dessert. Despite the colorful chalkboard touting the many interesting flavors, I didn’t see some of them on the giant menu indoors (ie gummy bear). I have to admit- I was a bit disappointed to see only a few exotic flavors such as Thai Ginger Sesame Seed.


Pistachio and Turkish Fudge Coffee ($5.25)

After trying four flavors, we finally settled on the pistachio and turkish fudge coffee. For a double, this was a whopping huge cup. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very impressed. The pistachio was super sweet although it did contain real chunks of pistachio. The turkish fudge coffee was good, but lacked the intensity of the coffee flavor that I was seeking. I’d give the pistachio a 5/10 and the turkish fudge coffee a 6/10. I think Mark rated the ice cream higher, but the guy is happy even with terrible wedding food.


We wanted to eat outside, but there was no place to sit so we went back in. Inside, it was a bit sticky and humid. Some of the tables were dirty, with remnants of liquid ice cream that haphazardly landed on the seats. One table had two dirty buckets of water on it. Looking around, the floor tiling was cracked and could have used a good mopping. Not sure how this place would fare if a NYC inspector came in. Hopefully the ice cream is made on an off-site location.

Triumph Brewery
400 Union Square Dr
New Hope, PA 18938
(215) 862-8300

Gerenser’s Exotic Ice Cream
22 S Main St
New Hope, PA 18938
(215) 862-2050