Little did I know about this coffee shop’s popularity. Angela had first spotted it on our way to the expo, and we made an effort to come back. The interior of the cafe can be described in two words- spacious and industrial. While there are certainly modern features- long panels of clear glass and sleek shiny machines- there are also hints of bohemian peering through via the adorable espresso cups and wooden tables. For new visitors, be forewarned. There are no menus (at least in the Rittenhouse Square location), so brush up on your espresso drinks before you come. Neither are there CDs, coffee mugs, home coffee machines or lunch foods. This is seriously all coffee.

The first La Colombe started in early 1994, thousands of miles away from the founders’ hometowns of Spokane, WA and Nice, France. The coffee shop quickly gained notice among the culinary elite. Today, there is another location in Philly (the one we went to), four in NYC, one in Chicago and three in South Korea. La Colombe also sells its coffee beans by the bags, available at Williams-Sonoma. For both the coffee snob and the infrequent coffee drinker, this place is most definitely worth going to for the smoothest latte you will ever meet.



cuppo joe

Latte + Cafe au Lait = $4.75

I think the lady undercharged me because she felt bad that they had run out of those beautiful cups!

la colombe coffee


raw sugar

drink pure black coffee

La Colombe also sells chilled and bottled pure black coffee. It is made with cold water that is seeped with the coffee beans overnight. It is then bottled, packaged and placed into this very vintage looking dispensing machine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, but you may pay at the counter and grab your bottle to go.


angelra blows into coffee


130 South 19th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

M-F: 7:00-7:00
SAT-SUN: 8:00-7:00
TEL: +1 215 563 0860

1414 South Penn Square
Philadelphia, PA 19102

M-F: 7:00-7:00
SAT-SUN: 8:00-7:00
TEL: +1 215 977 7770