Remember those homemade Georgetown Cupcakes I made last Friday for my birthday? Well, as those cupcakes were coming out of the oven, the UPS man delivered a wonderful treat! Breyers Gelato! Someone from the Breyers team contacted me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I’d be interested in trying some new gelato indulgences flavors that Breyers just released. I’d be crazy to refuse gelato! (I admit, I can be a gelato snob.) Little did I know that they’d be shipping it to me the next day!

The four flavors that Breyers recently rolled out in 28.5 oz tubs in national supermarkets include:

  • Vanilla Caramel: Creamy vanilla gelato with luscious caramel sauce & gourmet caramel curls
  • Raspberry Cheesecake: Cheesecake gelato with luscious raspberry sauce & gourmet graham crumble
  • Tiramisu: Mascarpone gelato with espresso sauce, ladyfinger cookie pieces & gourmet cocoa
  • Triple Chocolate: Milk & Dark chocolate gelato with white chocolate sauce & chocolate curls

They were able to ship me the Vanilla Caramel and the Tiramisu, which I eagerly shared with the baresoaps family. Four of us tried the gelato, and I factored everyone’s input into the review below. We tried the ice cream separately and with the cupcakes. You can’t go wrong with a la mode of anything!



tiramisu scoop




Texture: Both are smooth, creamy, and airy. I’d say that the consistency is a tad bit softer than some of the artisanal gelato that you’d get at a gelateria though. The dry ice had frozen the gelato into solid blocks, but after letting it thaw for ~20 minutes, the texture amazingly reverted back to a decent gelato consistency.

Flavor: If you love caramel, you’ll certainly love the Vanilla Caramel. The Tiramisu was pretty spot on in terms of tasting like a real tiramisu. However, there’s a lingering aftertaste within the vanilla caramel that gives you a synthetic sort of vibe. We didn’t taste this in the tiramisu though.

Sweetness: The unanimous agreement was that both flavors were overwhelmingly sweet. At 21-22 grams per 1/2 cup serving, this is about 6 grams less than what I would consider to be one of the sugar-iest iced treats in my book (Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream). I think that Breyers could easily cut down 5-8 grams of sugar and still maintain the integrity of the flavor.

Presentation: We could have done without the caramel shavings for the Vanilla Caramel (more sugar!), though aesthetically, it made it look more gourmet. We all loved the packaging, from the labels to the tubs. The clear tub showcases the beautiful swirls and the label is playful yet still conveys a sense of luxury. 

Price: At $4.49, I think this tub is a steal and should be considered as an affordable luxury item. At $5.99, it’s a bit more steep, but still a decent deal. As a comparison, Talenti, which is considered a more “gourmet” gelato, sells theirs in 16 oz tubs for $4.99-$5.99. Ciao Bella sells theirs in 14 oz tubs for ~$6.99, even higher than Talenti.

Overview: Breyers has done a good job catering to those looking for a more affordable gelato and appealing to a broad spectrum of tastebuds. This is what America’s gelato (rather than Italian gelato) would look and taste like. In terms of comparing it against the best selling gelato in the US (Talenti) there’s still no comparison. Talenti costs nearly twice as much but it’s a higher quality gelato in terms of ingredients and consistency. Talenti only uses pure cane syrup and no high fructose corn syrup (Breyers does use high fructose corn syrup). I don’t necessarily view this as a bad thing for Breyers. Whereas I would only buy Talenti on very special occasions, I could see Breyers Gelato Indulgences in my fridge on a general basis due to the difference in pricing and size. After all, I’d rather cut down on other sweets that use high fructose corn syrup (ie soft, chewy cookies & brownies) to indulge on some gelato.  There are currently very few “affordable” gelatos on the mass market, but Breyers Gelato Indulgences fits this bill. I’d probably skip the Vanilla Caramel, keep the Tiramisu, and I can’t wait to try the Raspberry Cheesecake.