This past Saturday, Clare and I took a break from soap work and ventured out to Brooklyn, where Chef Gabby welcomed us into her home for a supper club dinner. We found Gabby through Feastly, an online platform that connects gifted home cooks and the likes with diners looking for something beyond the typical dinner experience. If you haven’t yet done a supper club, you must. You’ll meet people outside of your ordinary routine, share conversations that push your boundaries, and really experience what the social aspect of food should be all about.

Gabby’s humble abode had such character- you’ll see that there’s possibly more pictures of her interior design than the food. I loved her style and art. Somehow, everything just came together in a refreshing and vibrant way.

But we’re here to talk about Gabby’s food. Feastly had invited me (gratis) to photograph the event. I can’t ever turn down a good supper club dinner or resist the chance to photograph one. It was a three course meal (really, like 3.5…), complete with spiked Long Island iced tea, a delightfully fluffy edamame hummus, a truly delicious pork entree inspired by Asian flavors and a fig tree, shortbread lavender cookies, and spiced chai. Gabby’s portions were also more than plentiful, and we left the main course super super stuffed. Still, Clare managed to fit FOUR shortbread cookies in before the night was over, a testament to how good they were (and how wide her stomach can stretch). But more importantly, we met so many interesting souls. We were among the younger diners of the group, and so we left feeling that they had imparted their wisdom on us.


A Pig, a Fig and an Egg


Drinks: Long Island Passion Fruit Iced Tea 

Fresh Brewed Black Tea flavored with passion fruit and citrus (spiked or plain)

First Course: Edamame Hummus

Homemade hummus from edamame, topped with toasted black sesame seeds with a dash of sesame oil

Second Course: Pig,Fig and an Egg

Roasted loin of pork sauté with figs and baby eggplants

Asian Yellow Yams

Asian yellow yams slow roasted in brown butter and honey

Stir Fry Mustard Greens

Mustard greens lightly stir fry with shallots garlic, ginger and rice wine vinegar

Dessert: Lavender and Earl Meet for Tea 

Lavender and Earl Grey cookies served with spicy Chai Tea latte