This summer, I’ve been sent so many products to review that my freezer is stock full and I haven’t actually had to buy any cold summer treats. Typically, I’m able to test at least 2-3 flavors of products, so I end up having some “leftover inventory” that takes me awhile to finish, unless if they’re shared with friends. Well guess which treats disappeared the quickest? Farggi Paletti frozen pops!

These frozen pops are THE BOMB. In fact, they were so good that Mark had THREE in one sitting (after a giant dinner, if I may add). I find myself gravitating to these after lunch to cool off in this humid weather. What I love about them is that they’re tart and creamy at the same time, like the balance you’d achieve from Italian Ice and custard, but better. I’m not sure how they get the swirls onto the stick, but essentially, each swirl contrasts the next, creating that balance.

Surprisingly, I actually really enjoyed the chocolate cream swirl. I’m typically not a chocolate fan, but there are days when I’m in the mood for a chocolate brownie and this totally does the trick. I didn’t even get a chance to properly photograph them because they disappeared so quickly!

For the review breakdown, scroll beyond the pictures.






Texture: The bars are overall creamy and start melting a bit quickly. However, it never got to the point where they were dripping, and I was eating in +85 F degree weather.

Flavor: Irresistibly amazing. I was sent three flavors:

  • Chocolate Cream Swirl [Chocolate sorbet with creamy Vanilla and Sweet Cream]: Really delicious. It’s the perfect alternative if you’re looking for something chocolately but without the heaviness. Surprisingly though, this was Mark’s least favorite even though he loves chocolate. I guess it really depends on what you’re in the mood for!
  • Orange Berry Swirl [Orange sorbet, Strawberry sorbet and creamy Vanilla]: This was mine and Mark’s absolute favorite, hands down. It’s like a twist on the orange creamsicle with the addition of strawberry. If you’re looking for something tangy and summery with notes of berry, this is it.
  • Tropical Swirl [Pear sorbet, Strawberry sorbet and creamy Vanilla]: This was good, but my least favorite amongst the three flavors because the pear was too tart. Mark preferred this over the chocolate. However, I have to say that when it’s hot and humid, this pop does the trick and it’s only 70 calories. 

Sweetness: I think all commercially made products can be less sweet. I’m not too thrilled that the Tropical Swirl has about 14 grams of sugar (I think it could easily suffice with 10 grams), but it’s not completely overwhelming like some treats. Additionally, I’m able to justify that these bars are made with natural & artificial flavors with alot of sugar because they’re honestly that delicious. 

Presentation: The box packaging was my least favorite. I think that the graphics on the boxes could use a bit of work. They currently suggest to me that they’re trying to target everyone (the packaging conveys commercial) rather than positioning themselves as an affordable luxury. Their frozen pops are unlike anything else that I’ve seen on the market yet their packaging is very run of the mill.

Price: These retail for $4.00 to $4.49 for a box of 6. I think that’s a STEAL compared to the other frozen pops out there. I mean, these aren’t your typical pops. There’s sorbet and cream swirled around each other for god sakes.

Overview: Farggi is a company that has been making ice cream in Barcelona, Spain since 1957 and they’ve only recently done a test launch of these frozen pops in Miami and NYC. The product speaks for itself, and I’m convinced that the majority of people who try it will love it. I think they could work on their packaging graphics but other than that, where can I buy more of these???

A huge thank you to Farggi, who provided me coupons for this product reviews. All of these opinions are honest and mine.