A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of attending another “supper” type dinner via the Feastly platform. Feastly connects home chefs with the foodie (or common food lover). In other words, instead of going to a restaurant for dinner, you can join a lovely small group at a chef’s home for an extraordinary experience. Last time, I shot photos for this amazing dinner. This time, I took Mark along for a culinary pasta experience.

Chef Marco was born and raised in Rome. He was joined by the lovely Dalila, who acts as his assistant, coordinator, and partner. In other words, she makes everything flow together smoothly. Marco’s culinary experience is extensive, and it’s clear that this man knows how to make real pasta. The name of the event, Pasta Making Class + Tasting, was a little bit misleading. Many of us thought that we were actually making the pasta. Chef Marco does have some real pasta making events, which you can find on his uber polished website. I think many of us were actually relieved that we could just sit back, sip glass after glass of wine (I’m pretty sure our group of 10 ish polished off a good 6 bottles), and enjoy the company.

So how was the pasta? It was delicious and it was fresh. He handmade everything, including the sauces. Everything was basic yet very flavorful. Chef Marco isn’t someone who does a half baked job. He literally scratched a batch of “mediocre” chocolate pasta that wasn’t to his liking. He prepared another batch right in front of us.

Favorites of the night:
  • Majestic Meatballs with Salad
  • Handmade pasta with tomato sauce
  • “Fagottino” of sweet cinnamon flavored pasta dough , stuffed with ricotta cream cheese, raisins and candied fruit
A huge thank you to Feastly for continuing to invite me to these events along with a guest for free and to Chef Marco + the company. We had such a wonderful time meeting people from all backgrounds. Dalila was a gracious host, fielding questions and encouraging us to watch her and Chef Marco make the pasta. The ticket price for this dinner is $55 (includes Feastly fee), which is easily well worth it, when you consider the live interaction you get with the chef, seeing him make the food, all of the wine, and a 4 course dinner (with normal non-American portions). We were stuffed.